Leeds Shopping Haul

A few days ago the weather was the real summer for me with the temperature reaching the maximum of 31°C. Felt like I'm in Cebu with the scorching heat of the sun, definitely loving it. Hi to all summer lover like me. ♥ Get your skimpy shorts on paired with your sleeveless tops. Yay! As promised, this post is about my shopping haul in Leeds. One thing that excites me in every travel is the shopping part of it. Of course I am happy to visit new places, take pictures of every scenery but the best part of it is... Read More

Surprise In A Box

Last night’s congestion of traffic was so terrible as always expected during Valentine’s Day and it happened to be the Ash Wednesday as well of the Catholic calendar. That simply means a busy city for Cebu. I plotted a vacation leave but cancelled it at the last minute thinking I got nothing to do at home, so better save my allocation for my time off request. I'm busy making money while others are enjoying their awesome day. Bummer! Because Heart’s Day was just around the corner last week, I started hinting Mon on what type of gifts I was expecting.... Read More