Surprise In A Box

Last night’s congestion of traffic was so terrible as always expected during Valentine’s Day and it happened to be the Ash Wednesday as well of the Catholic calendar. That simply means a busy city for Cebu. I plotted a vacation leave but cancelled it at the last minute thinking I got nothing to do at home, so better save my allocation for my time off request.

I’m busy making money while others are enjoying their awesome day. Bummer!

Because Heart’s Day was just around the corner last week, I started hinting Mon on what type of gifts I was expecting.

“I’m thinking of you giving me a bouquet of flowers this time,” my conversation started.

“It’s expensive.” “Find something cheaper,” he dismissed my request without having a second thought of offending my emotions. This what happens when both of you are too comfortable in your relationship. You don’t hesitate to be plain-spoken with your spouse. (Eyes Rolled)

“What about some pieces of jewelry like a necklace or a bracelet,” suggesting him of another possible clue on what to give me without minding his first blunt feedback.

“Right!” “I was planning of surprising you with a bracelet but when I went to the store, I was the one who was SURPRISED instead with its price, so I went home and didn’t proceed with my plan.” Was this response intended to be honest about his course of actions in looking for a present or was he merely messing up with my temper? I couldn’t seem to get any decent answer with my discussion and stopped bothering him anymore with it.

Valentine’s Day came and we both didn’t expect to meet up after our work. I went to dinner with him after I attended the Holy mass with my Manager and my friend right after shift. Guess as to where did we spend to dine on this special day. We ate in a fast food restaurant, Jollibee. You heard it right! We satisfied our hunger in J-O-L-L-I-B-E-E, not in any fancy restaurant!

Ok, most of the restaurants were full anyway so I let it pass. When I asked him about my gift, he said, “I bought you chocolates.” “I can buy my own chocolates and you know that, right?” staying compose and hiding my irritation. What irked me more was his reaction when he was just laughing as if he didn’t care about making an EFFORT for me.

“Fine!” “Buy me two Kiddie meals with two different toys for Akyn.” These toys will somehow help me forget about my annoyance.

He was smiling bringing our Kiddie Meal orders and requested me right away to check the toys inside the box if they’re correct. I peeked through a small opening of the box and upon seeing there were two toys inside, I immediately started eating my food.

“You weren’t checking that well if the toys were there,” expressing his dissatisfaction while I’m digging in my pasta. What’s with this man making a fuss about the toys? I’m already pissed with the chocolates and even agreed to eat in a fast food restaurant.

He opened the box again and showed me his real surprise. He hid his gift inside this cute Jollibee toy container.


I AM SPEECHLESS. Mon truly knows how to make my heart swell in happiness after triggering all my fuming sentiment of exasperation. He gave me a Pandora bracelet with a heart shaped family tree charm on it.



I was surprised….No, I’m happy…Happy is an understatement. I am OVERJOYED. I can’t find the right words to describe how much I appreciate his unexpected gift. His talent in tickling my weak spot is precisely exemplary.

Happy Valentines Day Teddy♥ You never fail to make me the happiest wife on earth. I love you.

This is my Valentine’s Day story for 2018. What about yours? Hope you had fun too. <kisses>



  1. Happy Heart’s day Lovebirds. keep the fire burning.

    1. Thanks Ann. Likewise.

  2. Gosh,, Love the Bracelet.. Lucky girl… Happy Lovelife always

    1. Thanks ☺

  3. I’m happy you like my Valentines’ Gift. You deserve to be pampered. Thank you as well for all the hardwork you’ve done for us and Akyn

    1. Thank you♥ Lots of Love♥

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