Leeds Shopping Haul

A few days ago the weather was the real summer for me with the temperature reaching the maximum of 31°C. Felt like I’m in Cebu with the scorching heat of the sun, definitely loving it. Hi to all summer lover like me. ♥ Get your skimpy shorts on paired with your sleeveless tops. Yay!

As promised, this post is about my shopping haul in Leeds. One thing that excites me in every travel is the shopping part of it. Of course I am happy to visit new places, take pictures of every scenery but the best part of it is buying stuff to remind me of the travel. Those items purchased will forever remind us of the beautiful time we’ve spent together, wouldn’t it? Am I making excuses of my shopping habit? LOL. Maybe yes, maybe not. All I know is, shopping is my all time favorite in all adventures in life. (wink)

What do we got first? Had these scented candles in one of the toy shops. Forgot the name of the store, sorry. I so love them because of their soothing and relaxing effect. We usually lit them only when we pray the Rosary at home as a family.

Next stop, Superdry. I’ve been looking for a nice pair of gloves for Mon ready for winter as most of the gloves I’ve seen were either actually designed for women or the designs were not something I like. I’m happy to find these cuties plus I got a discount using my Blue light card. Please click the link (https://www.bluelightcard.co.uk/ ) to know more about the Blue light card online application. Thank me later once you’ve successfully get yours delivered and used in availing discounts.☺

Got very excited in finding a physical store of Victoria Secret in Leeds. Mon VOLUNTARILY (Caps lock to give emphasis =) paid for everything I bought here. He’s always been generous to me and I’m super beyond thankful because not every husband treats their wife like that. We are not financial swimming in money but when he thinks I needed something, he’s the first person to say buy it.

What are my top picks for the trip? Victoria’s Secret has my favorite mist to wear everyday. My usual choice would be the Aqua Kiss smelling pleasantly clean and the fruity scent of Love spell mist. It last long so I don’t need to reapply every now and then.

This little cross body bag was the last piece of its design left. Meant for me, ey? Oh, yes definitely. Thank you Teddy.

We’ve seen this home store while strolling around the city and told Mon we shouldn’t miss going here before heading home. Since before it’s our favorite section in all Malls in Cebu to go to home essentials because we loved making our little home more cozy to stay. Didn’t regret coming here as we’ve found loads of gems. Wohoo!

My two handsome shoppers

Here are few of our great finds from this shop.

Printing photos is a hobby I continuously do here in the UK. Managed to print a number of shots, however, I got no photo album to store them yet. Finding these two albums was an answered search.

I always got to clean the kitchen every time we do frying because of the oil splatter. Mon wanted to have this to save us from the oil mess after our cooking session.

I’m not sure yet on what to use with this one. Thinking about either a fruit holder or just a table accent to organize stuff. We’ll see what will it turned out to be.

Mon’s chosen essential is this lock for his new bike.

I’m looking forward for more shopping travel with my boys. Many more happy moments like this. The sun is out today. A nice weather to be out with my handsome little companion.

Have a great day ahead pretties.


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