I Am Proud

I love bringing my toddler with me while processing all my necessary documents needed for the completion of my job requirements. It’s tiring carrying him most of the time (he hates doing long walks)while visiting several government offices but at the same time, he made our appointments less stressful. I would say he is my lucky charm in getting all my tasks accomplished. ☺ We were about to get another paperwork done this Monday with our last checklist item to finish. Yes, finally I’m almost there to complete them all! We rode a lift to get to the floor of... Read More

The Terrible Two

Have you heard about a parenting phenomenon they coined as the Terrible Two stage? I’ve read about some articles about it and found out that it was an old myth which wasn’t supported with any established evidence. Every child is unique and they exhibit different developmental milestones based on their unique timetable. Extreme tantrums as associated with the age 2 can also be displayed in different age group. With my child, I’ve noticed a new development with Akyn recently. My fully mobile 22 months old toddler is now exhibiting tantrums when his curiosity to everything is being restricted. He wants... Read More