I Am Proud

I love bringing my toddler with me while processing all my necessary documents needed for the completion of my job requirements. It’s tiring carrying him most of the time (he hates doing long walks)while visiting several government offices but at the same time, he made our appointments less stressful. I would say he is my lucky charm in getting all my tasks accomplished. ☺

We were about to get another paperwork done this Monday with our last checklist item to finish. Yes, finally I’m almost there to complete them all! We rode a lift to get to the floor of our destination. There was this man wearing a white lab coat who joined with us inside the elevator. He seemed to be a doctor in one of the clinics in the building. He kept on looking at my toddler and just before he went out of the lift he said to us with a smile, “ What a handsome little boy!”


Had to respond to his compliment by saying, ”Thank You!

Caught myself smiling from ear to ear after hearing a stranger’s polite admiration to my son. It’s always the parents who are more excited and of course proud for every appreciation as well as the achievements received by our babies.

For those Mommies whose kids are already in their school age starting their school life, I could just imagine how happy you are every time your little one receives a recognition from their school. Be it an academic award or because of behaving exemplary well in class, I’m pretty sure it made you a one Proud Happy Momma. I am also looking forward to experience the same kind of happiness once my Akyn will start going to school by next year. Hopefully he will also surprise me one day with some good works recognition. For now, I’m making the most of his free time accompanying me with all my appointments during my rest days.

I’m not bothered of being with Akyn while I’m quite busy compiling all my papers because I am confident with how well-behaved my toddler is in public. It’s not a simple brag from a proud mother hahaha. But seriously speaking, I am really amazed on how my child had developed self-discipline at a very young age.

I’ve never seen him running around like a maniac in places he isn’t allowed to do so. Maybe at home he plays like he doesn’t care whose watching him move but when he is out of the house, he conducts himself differently. He would rather stick to me holding my shirt as close to him as possible making sure I am always near him.

Heard several horror stories of how some kids are very hard to handle in asking them to follow instructions from their parents. This is one of the reason why parents would seldom bring their kids with them. I’m thankful and still praying Akyn will continue to be an obedient baby.

I’m a neither a strict parent who attempts to control all the rules at home nor a dismissive one who tends to brush off behaviors which needs to be corrected. Mon and I are at the middle type of parents between the extremes of parenting styles. We set rules for Akyn but not to the point of overly injecting restrictions to our child that may affect his development. It’s like being firm with the rules, yet maintaining the gentleness of a mother to her child..

Here are few of the practices we do at home which may help kids behave properly.

Positive Reinforcement– Every time I commend Akyn for displaying a likable behavior, I’ve observed my child can remember it and would love doing it again and again. Like for example, when I gave him an appreciation for being helpful in assisting his Daddy to keep his toys, whenever he sees an opportunity to help, he would gladly offer himself to do it without being told.

Teaching him like how an adult must behave– Sometimes we can be tempted to be a little bit lenient to our toddlers in teaching them how to be well-mannered because of the fact that they are just kids.

It’s ok for them to make fun with an adult anyway they’re just merely doing it without the intention to hurt them.

It’s ok for them to curse people and be mean because they kind of look cute when they are grumpy.

It’s ok for them to make noises or disturb others in places where they aren’t allowed to because playing is normal for kids.

My take on this is if continue to allow them to do things which are obviously deviating from what is ethically acceptable, it seems like we are also encouraging them to develop these bad traits. They are developing little fellows with brains absorbing like sponges soaking up enormous amounts of learning from their environment. We are supposed to be the one responsible to guide them on how to act accordingly. In instances when Akyn sometimes crosses the line of being disrespectful and playful, I gently tell my toddler it isn’t right.

Making Negotiation-There are situations when my son demands for something I can’t provide right there and then. Rather than giving him a direct no, I normally first try to make a negotiation with him explaining as to him why I can’t do it. Just for example, while waiting for the releasing of my clearance from an agency, my child asked for a candy. It so happened he already consumed all the candies I bought on our way to the city. I calmly asked him to wait for a little more because Mommy can’t get out of the line and offered him biscuits instead to satisfy his hunger. Negotiation is a subtle way of saying no which can help prevent them from throwing a fit for not getting what they wanted.

Parenting is indeed a challenging role to play. It requires tons of experience for us to learn more on what best works for us in raising our child. If you have any more suggestions regarding my post for today, please feel free to drop you comments below. It would be nice to learn from each other.♥

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Rainy morning busy Mommies.


  1. Aww he is just too darn cute! I bet he would make your work day less stressful!

    1. Thanks Alyssa. 😘

  2. Toddlers are great aren’t they? At this age their characters are really taking shape and they love having deep conversations with you about all sorts of things. It’s a cute age.

    1. You’re right Charlotte. I am making the most of our fun time together while he is young.♥

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