Separation Anxiety

Akyn is becoming more clingy to his Daddy as they spend more time to play during Mon’s free time. It’s a daily routine of crying and wailing begging for more time to spend with him every time his father is about to head to work. How do you handle such behavior of your toddler? This is mostly the dilemma of working parents when you’re torn between staying at home with your child or going to work. If we could only do both responsibilities at the same time, we would gladly do it. What my child is experiencing is what they coined... Read More

The Importance Of Play

It’s one of a difficult task for us working Mom’s in making sure our time between our career and our roles as a mother are both balanced. We can’t afford to sacrifice our motherly role to our kids just to satisfy the demands of our jobs and vice versa. If one of our obligations is compromised, it’s going to give us lots of stress to fulfill the gaps of our responsibilities. Perks of being a Super Momma! During our rest days, Mon and I will always find a bonding moment with our Akyn. Having a child doesn’t only mean providing him with his basic needs and... Read More