Separation Anxiety

Akyn is becoming more clingy to his Daddy as they spend more time to play during Mon’s free time. It’s a daily routine of crying and wailing begging for more time to spend with him every time his father is about to head to work. How do you handle such behavior of your toddler?

This is mostly the dilemma of working parents when you’re torn between staying at home with your child or going to work. If we could only do both responsibilities at the same time, we would gladly do it.

What my child is experiencing is what they coined as Separation Anxiety. As defined,” Separation anxiety is the fear or distress that can happen to both children and adults when they think about separating from home or from the people they’ve become attached to.”- Psychology Today.

It’s quite normal for my two year old child to experience this type of anxiety and we parents, continuously look for ways to lessen this type of fear. As first time parents, we are greatly enthusiastic in learning more about our son’s development from his infancy stage to now being a toddler. Having the opportunity of experiencing first hand raw milestone changes is amazingly helping us to apply what we’ve read from the literature. It often caught us saying to ourselves,” So, this is what they call in books!”

Our way of facing Akyn’s separation anxiety now is by simply diverting his attention during those moments when his Dad is about to leave home by convincing him to enjoy his favorite activity just like taking a bath. It does the magic by encouraging our son to bring few toys with him during his bathing time which preoccupies his attention allowing his Daddy to slip out of the house. Success! What are your techniques for your child’s separation anxiety?

During our rest days, we felt we also owe to provide him our uninterrupted playtime. Of course, it’s an ideal thing for parents to do for their babies granting they have some free time to spend to their little ones. I’ve always heard it from parenting discussions that those moments we allocate to them will be retained more on their memories compared to those expensive gifts provided.

Last weekend, we agreed with Mon to bring Akyn to one of his favorite playpen. It’s quite a while since he last visited the place. One hour of playing can already fill this kid’s happiness.



My Toddler trying to fit in inside this small crib designed for infants. Surprisingly he succeeded! He missed being an infant.


Sleeping Infant/Toddler☺


“Daddy,buy fwench fries( French Fries), Burjer( Burger) and Pansit( Spaghetti),” my baby’s order for a food treat to his favorite fast-food restaurant.


I couldn’t explain how powerful is the magnetic effect of this cute red bee to every kids in the Philippines. There’s always a place for Jollibee to Akyn’s heart. Of all the eating places we’ve visited, this is the only place that he can always remember when asked where to eat.

As much as we still have enough time to spend moments together, we will always make an extra effort to squeeze in to our busy schedules to have some family rest days. We will never know what the future may bring for any new opportunities that may affect our family time.


  1. Hi Baby Akyn. Miss you

  2. How precious is that smile from your little one! I love to see parents striving hard to provide time to their kids.

    1. Aewww! Thanks for your kind words.☺ Have a nice weekends♥

  3. Hi Mich,

    What I normally do for my child’s separation anxiety is to leave him with someone he feels at ease like his regular nanny whom he can often see her. To lessen the fear of me being away. I guess it helps a bit because he doesn’t cry that much compared before.

    1. Oh Lovely! Thanks for the advice. His Grandmama stays with my baby while we are away. You are right! It doesn’t take that much effort too pacify him when his with his grandmother.

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