The Importance Of Play

It’s one of a difficult task for us working Mom’s in making sure our time between our career and our roles as a mother are both balanced. We can’t afford to sacrifice our motherly role to our kids just to satisfy the demands of our jobs and vice versa. If one of our obligations is compromised, it’s going to give us lots of stress to fulfill the gaps of our responsibilities. Perks of being a Super Momma!

During our rest days, Mon and I will always find a bonding moment with our Akyn. Having a child doesn’t only mean providing him with his basic needs and showering him with all the earthly things to gratify his wants. Rather, it requires a lot of nurturing of the child’s emotional aspect. We consider it as the vital necessity for our baby to feel our presence. We may not be there 24/7 but at least, we’re making an effort to let him know Daddy and Mommy will always be ready to spend time playing with our cute happy baby

My smiling playmate


Akyn finds it entertaining pretending to play he’s inside an Igloo. He uses his creative imagination in convincing himself he’s really inside a snow built shelter where in fact, he is merely sitting under the dining table.  Who can beat this child’s creativeness?

My child’s playtime can enhance several benefits to my toddler’s development.

♥ It allows him to explore things fairly new to him without an adult imposed rules. When he plays, I don’t mind as to how he is going to play with his toys. He’s free to move and discover things at the same time. As long as I can see he is safe in his play environment, then I’m fine with it just watching over him.

♥ Playtime also serves as a fun-learning experience. We try to incorporate learning through play. He can sing the Alphabet song while jumping on his puzzle mat alphabet. He can differentiate the colors using his colorful toy eggs. He can count numbers using his miniature wild animals. He can identify the human body parts using his cartoon- themed play rug. See, learning doesn’t need to be boring in the four corners of the classroom. It can take place anywhere. We can help them learn while still having fun. How awesome is that?

♥ An active play helps the kids to stay active. He makes use of his bones and muscles moving around while carrying his toys. It’s way healthier compared to a child who practices a sedentary lifestyle playing electronic devices all day. As much as possible, we limit Akyn’s exposure to gadgets. He can watch Nursery rhymes but for a limited period of time.

Active play is undeniably beneficial. Mon and I, share the same sentiments about it. In fact, last weekend we bought him a tent as his mini headquarter for his toys during his playtime. My toddler was itching to have it set up.

The Father and son Igloo making session☺


Mirror Shot


The final output

img_20180514_1614062051707063.jpgHow comfortable are you?



Got this Toy Story Rug for only Php 80.00 to complete his mini territory.




The setting up alone of the tent was already full of enjoyment. How much more when it was finally assembled! Someone felt so overjoyed here as if he won a million dollar prize in the lottery.




  1. love the tent. nice photos

    1. Thanks ♥

  2. That is so sweet. Of course you are absolutely right, parenthood is not only giving food and shelter, but love, kindness and emotional support as well.

    1. Thanks Daima for sharing your thoughts.♥

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