How To Keep Your Momentum To Be Positive

Recently, I’ve talked to one of my friends sharing her experience about nearly losing the will to continue fighting for her aim. Motivation is quite something that is not an easy task to maintain, I believe on that harsh reality. I couldn’t imagine the troubles that my friend was going through being confused of giving it for another try or totally forgetting about everything she had started. Motivation then is going to be the meat of this blog post. It’s difficult to keep your motivation when every fiber of your being is screaming that you’re ready to give in. When... Read More

Being Wise When It Comes To Friendship

With the dramatic rise of social media nowadays, making friends and mingling with others is made much more easier. Like Facebook, for example, it allows you to add more people all across the globe with just one click of your mouse or one tap of your fingers on your mobile screen. Once a friend request is confirmed, Facebook will automatically label you as FRIENDS. But my question is, how deep is that so called friendship you have online? I am quite astonished as some of my friends can reach up to how many thousands of friends online. I have nothing... Read More