How To Keep Your Momentum To Be Positive

Recently, I’ve talked to one of my friends sharing her experience about nearly losing the will to continue fighting for her aim. Motivation is quite something that is not an easy task to maintain, I believe on that harsh reality. I couldn’t imagine the troubles that my friend was going through being confused of giving it for another try or totally forgetting about everything she had started. Motivation then is going to be the meat of this blog post.

It’s difficult to keep your motivation when every fiber of your being is screaming that you’re ready to give in. When you feel like you’ve given your best shot to achieve your goal, but you still ended hitting the bottom rock of failure. When others were expecting for a positive outcome and unfortunately the result was the exact opposite of everybody’s expectation. It’s never easy to push yourself to continue the journey and you still feel like you’ve never progressed even an inch from where you’ve started.

Why are we easily frustrated when things don’t come out easy for us? It’s because when we work on something, we normally want to see the fruit of our labor right in an instant. That’s part of being human where we seldom appreciate the benefit of delayed gratification. I am guilty of this too. We had that idealistic picture in our minds that success is an overnight work. That’s not how life works. We need to keep our motivation to work harder to be triumphant in our endeavors. Keeping your momentum to be positive is a challenge, I get that! We can do something to achieve it, but how?

Here’s my list.

Take charge In setting your goals.

Remember, that we are the main drivers of our lives. We are the one who can control on what we wanted to get and how we can get them. We can set specific goals for our dreams, revised or add some steps if we needed to, and change another route if the first few tries weren’t successful. Working on a goal that we had set for our ourselves will give us more inspiration to pursue, rather than working on something set by other people in which our interest doesn’t fit in.

Surround yourself with people who are fully determined to pursue their dreams

The enthusiasm of others is contagious and can help uplift your emotions when you feel helpless. They can inspire you to be motivated to continue whatever path you are bound to take. They are a positive influence towards being successful.

Keep the Focus

When we fail, most of the time we loose the focus of positivity and we tend to sulk upon knowing we didn’t get what we wanted which isn’t a productive idea. Rather than being demotivated, let’s focus our mind in getting back on track. Let’s pull all our attention together and focus all our state of mind to what we are currently doing.

Reach out to others

Sometimes, some of the tasks that we needed to perform towards the realization of our dreams are not as easy as we thought to be. Never be ashamed to ask help. Ask for assistance and use the positive feedback for your benefit. Their experiences and pieces of advice will surely help us gain more insight. Remember, two heads are better than one.

Reassess yourself

Try to ask yourself,” What do I need to do or change to achieve my goal?” If your previous actions didn’t yield a positive outcome, then there must something that needs to be improved to earn a better result. As per the famous quote:

Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results is Insanity

A little hard work may be needed or a different way of approaching the task might be helpful. Try to reassess yourself on what went wrong along the way.

Life is a continuous learning process. Failing isn’t something new to us for everyone had experienced it in some point in our lives. But our action after failing is the one that matters on how we handle failure. Let’s help each one of us to regain one’s balance after we stumbled.

Life doesn’t end when we fail. It ends once we decided to give up.


Have a motivated life


  1. It’s hard to keep our motivation with all the stresses we face every day. This post is a reminder not to loose the battle when life seems to be a rocky road experience. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Exactly! We are the one who is in control with our response to those emotional draining experiences. Let’s keep fighting to overcome them. It’s difficult, yes, but with proper attitude we can keep our motivation. Thanks for dropping by.

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