School Break

Hello pretty Mommas! One week school break, how does it feel to be home with my boy staying all day with us? I love it although I know some parents don't like it for some reasons. I'm a paranoid type of Momma. I would prefer to see Akyn at home knowing what's he's doing rather than worrying if he's alright while away from home. For now I'm simply making the most of our bonding time whilst on break.❤️ Last Sunday, we opted to start cleaning our garden with the help of our little boss. It was freezing but these two... Read More

Unplanned Leeds

Now I've proven how bad I am when it comes to listening skills. It may sound kind of an easy task to do but not for everybody. LOL. My listening part gained the lowest score during my IELTS exam before. Why was that? Your guess is as good as mine. So, last weekends my close friend Michio asked me if I was free to go on a quick trip to Leeds. I didn't know what kind of bug had blocked my ears because I definitely heard her say Tesco instead of Leeds. Without thinking I said yes. I'm always on... Read More