School Break

Hello pretty Mommas! One week school break, how does it feel to be home with my boy staying all day with us? I love it although I know some parents don’t like it for some reasons. I’m a paranoid type of Momma. I would prefer to see Akyn at home knowing what’s he’s doing rather than worrying if he’s alright while away from home. For now I’m simply making the most of our bonding time whilst on break.❤️

Last Sunday, we opted to start cleaning our garden with the help of our little boss.

It was freezing but these two are just too productive to do a little clean up for a Sunday morning. After the messy job, all had a warm bath and started our exciting day in the town centre. It’s the nearest place we can hang out and shop not unless we wanted to travel a bit further away from home to explore more shops. We got all we needed anyway from our little city centre in Hull.😊

Some of our photoshoot despite the chilly weather. Please excuse my no make look. I’m too lazy to apply make up especially with the mask on as it irritates my skin when I wear make up with a mask. I do hope this pandemic would end to get us all back to our normal world. 🙏

And of course, let’s not forget the pretty Momma OOTD to complete the day.

Black boots and crossbag(hidden in the photo) from Primark. Denim jacket from Next. Maxi skirt from Gaisano Tabunok Cebu.

Akyn’s OOTD: coat from The North Face shopped personally by her Tita Michio in York. 😍Shoes from Puma and joggers from Gaisano Minglanilla.

We’re happy to wear our own Philippine made clothes here. Tatak Pinoy as they say it.

Our outfit doesn’t necessarily need to be all expensive. Posh looking OOTD also depends on how we pull it off in carrying out our fashion sense. (wink)😉

After a couple of shops visited here are my shopping haul. I’m always excited to do a haul blog as it also makes me happy viewing some shopping haul in YouTube. Mon laughs at me when I do it saying, “Even in YouTube, you still watch shopping trips when you’ve already done loads of shopping?” 😂 Well, what can I do when this is my stress reliever for everyday stress at work? WHATEVER! LOL

My first in my cart is this H&M Padded Waterproof Gilet Vest with hood for Akyn. He picked it by himself telling me he wanted to get a warm jacket. I’m starting to get impressed with my son’s tastes for his outfit.

Next is from my favorite everyday shopping store, the Primark. Got this lovely jumper for Akyn again. By the way in British English what we normally call as sweater is termed as jumper. Such a good to know info. 😊

Also bought a new set of comfy pj’s for Mon. Again, I had to insist for him to choose one because if I’m just going to ask if he likes anything to buy, his answer is always, “No, I’m ok!” 🙄

This huggable pillow is for my sister. I’ll pack it in my LBC balikbayan box.

Are you ready for mine. LOL😂. I only got few items, really. They were all from Select and my footwear from Primark .

I’m obviously getting obsessed with maxi skirts now. They’re just totally flattering to be worn. Easy to find tops to pair it with. It’s such a hit for this season. Got them in two shades because I’m too crazily excited to wear them.

I’m not supposed to buy a new bag. I’ve just bought one from TK maxx in Leeds but then I couldn’t say no to this pretty metal trim clutch bag with gold chain strap and a magnetic clasp for easy opening and closing. I’m in love with its dusty pink color.

My footwear was from Primark. Trendy and can be formal, too depending on my mood. 😂

The last but not the least is this nude zip up colored blazer jacket that I can use to make my ordinary t-shirt look fab with this on top. What do you think?

All happy getting each of us something new to bring home with. I’m thrilled to use all of them pretty soon.

Rainy day again pretties❤️

Mich. 😘

  1. Super cute outfits especially for Fall/Winter weather that its getting colder!

    1. Thank you. 😊

  2. Totally agree! You don’t have to spend a bunch to look great. You have some great finds there!

  3. I can see how you are happy buying those things for your family and they are really beautiful, I am sure they gonna love it.

  4. All the stuffs that you bought are beautiful and the outfit that you are wearing looks really good on you.

    1. Thank you. 😊

  5. Such a beautiful family you have! This makes me excited for our school break in a few weeks.

    1. Thank you. 😊

  6. You guys got some really great finds! I couldn’t agree with you more about my skin being irritated with my mask on. It dries my skin out so bad. It looks like my makeup is going to flake off! So weird because it never looks like that. ONLY when I wear my mask.

  7. I love those clothes, they are truly beautiful and looks comfy to wear! Thanks for sharing your story too!

    1. Thank you. 😊

  8. Love these outfit ideas!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

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