Unplanned Leeds

Now I’ve proven how bad I am when it comes to listening skills. It may sound kind of an easy task to do but not for everybody. LOL. My listening part gained the lowest score during my IELTS exam before. Why was that? Your guess is as good as mine.

So, last weekends my close friend Michio asked me if I was free to go on a quick trip to Leeds. I didn’t know what kind of bug had blocked my ears because I definitely heard her say Tesco instead of Leeds. Without thinking I said yes. I’m always on the go when it comes to shopping.

Ate Les and Kuya Jovie were with us giving a free ride to our destination. While on the trip, I already had a hunch that I misheard Michio’s question as our route was already on the main road and they were all talking about Manchester or Leeds. Say what now? Hesitant to ask at first, of course. Who would like to be called as someone joining an adventure without knowing the exact location of where the group is going? Dumb me, don’t you think? This incident still makes me smile while writing this post.

Had to finally ask Monica, another friend with us about the trip. Asking her using the softest voice I could ever do so the rest won’t be able to hear us. Well, you can’t really keep a secret especially if that secret is something hilarious for everyone. She responded like while laughing,“Yung totoo dae, sumama ka na di mo alam saan papunta tayo?” (Like seriously, did you really join on a trip without knowing where we are going?).

And yes, went to Leeds without a proper plan. Akyn was in school and Mon was at work. This pretty Momma got a free day out with the girls. Yay.

They wanted to have a lunch first to Blue Sakura Restaurant which was the first visit of Ate Les and Kuya Jov there. Dropping the link of my previous pots about this eating place http://akynfullhouse.net/leeds/.

I’m still drooling with these pictures I’ll be showing you. Their food is absolutely heaven. Loved it.

Also please meet my always on the go friend for adventure, Michio.

Kuya Jovie introduced us to the well known called Markets in Leeds selling fresh seafood, different growing plants and sweets. It’s like the wet market back home. I’ll definitely add this to my list when visiting Leeds.

Bought some fish for Mon from this store.

Our escapade won’t be complete without me shopping for something. Everyone deserves to be rewarded after a stressful work life, isn’t it? Making excuses? Lol. Bought my shopping haul from TK maxx Leeds.

My new addition to my bag addiction.

Preparing for the coming winter with this comfy pair of socks. I’ll pair it with my fluffy jammies.

I like the simple yet dainty design of this necklace. Perfect for everyday use to complete my OOTD.

The last stop was to get a take home order for my favorite milk tea, Chatime. Akyn finished one glass leaving us to share with one.

They say that the best trip are always those unplanned because it often push through rather than the planned ones. Always looking forward for a happy trip.


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