A Glimpse Of His Beautiful Past (Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary)

It was a dream come true for me and my husband to visit the place where my spouse spent 4 years of his college time. We planned and booked our airline ticket since last year to spend his birthday in the summer capital of the Philippines, "Baguio City". Aside from exploring the beauty of the scenery, one of our main agenda was to visit Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary. My better half is an ex-seminarian and he used to stay in the seminary for four years before he decided to quit. As they say, "Many are called for the priesthood vocation but... Read More

Marrying an Ex-Seminarian

When our priest who interviewed us before getting married knew that Mon was an ex-seminarian, I couldn’t forget his question asking me,"So you were the reason why Mon left the seminary huh?” I answered, “NO, he already left the seminary when I met him. I do often get this remark from my friends when they knew Mon is an Ex-seminarian. Just to give you a brief background, Mon left the seminary after finishing his Philosophy degree and opted to pursue a degree for Computer Engineering. He had his own reasons for leaving. Our priest then said to me, I was lucky enough... Read More