A Glimpse Of His Beautiful Past (Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary)

It was a dream come true for me and my husband to visit the place where my spouse spent 4 years of his college time. We planned and booked our airline ticket since last year to spend his birthday in the summer capital of the Philippines, “Baguio City”. Aside from exploring the beauty of the scenery, one of our main agenda was to visit Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary. My better half is an ex-seminarian and he used to stay in the seminary for four years before he decided to quit. As they say, “Many are called for the priesthood vocation but only few are chosen.” God has another plan for him, perhaps it was marrying me and being a father to our only boy, Akyn. I am blessed and thankful for having him as my lifetime partner. He shared to me the teachings which were inculcated in the seminary by his mentors.



The coldness of the weather was the exact opposite of how warm the priests and his friends welcomed us when we arrived. I’ve met Reverend Father Trayvilla, my husband’s former mentor and Reverend Father Bob, a classmate of him in the seminary who successfully fulfilled his vocation.

I was hesitant with the idea at first of meeting his previous life for I got so many what if’s formulated, which I would say were such a total nonsense upon analyzing it now.

“I was scared to get blamed of him leaving the seminary.”

This was one of my rubbish ideas. Can you imagine how absurd my line of thinking was? I’m glad it didn’t stop me from seeing a glimpse of his beautiful past.

Father Bob was so kind giving us a tour and showed us the improvements made inside the seminary.


Mon: “Everything almost looked exactly the same when I left here.”




Their new batch of graduates.


We were asked to wait here while waiting for the priest to come down.




Mon shared to me few of their unforgettable fun-filled presentations that happened here.


This is where the holy mass is performed. I was amazed on how Mon could still recall every details of it and what their rituals were everyday.


Mon: “This was already here during my time. ” “The place where we sit to sing the Glory of God.”


Mon told me seminarians do take choir practices seriously. I’ve heard the new batches of the students’ voices when we attended the mass last Sunday, and to tell you honestly their voices were modulated and very pleasing to the ears.


Father Bob showed us the batch pictures of every students. I’ve seen Mon’s picture when he was still hairy, when he was about to loose his hair and finally, when he almost became hairless. That’s the hair progression story. lolz☺








Our visit was well spent and I am more than happy knowing Mon had a blast of happiness spending his birthday in one of his memorable place. Happiest birthday to the man of my life.♥


Whatever path life may take you, your past will always be part of yourself  you’ll cherish forever. Happy reading everyone.



  1. Thanks for sharing! Very interesting to see these photos and how its mostly the same since your husband left!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. ???

  2. What a wonderful thing to experience together. A great way to spend a birthday!

    1. Thanks for reading. ???

  3. What an incredible experience you must have had here.. The transformation of your husband would have been so exciting..Enjoyed looking at photos as well

    1. Thanks Jhilmil for reading.♥♥♥

  4. How cool that you finally got the chance to visit together! And that it all looked almost exactly the same as when he was last there.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Much appreciated.♥♥

  5. Thank you Mam Mitch.. from Casiciaco Recoletos de Baguio

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