Besties For Life

It was supposed to be a girl's day out last weekends but because I was stuck in completing all the updating requests for my banking concern, we decided not to continue with our plans in going to the city. It was a blessing in disguise because of it, we found this metal made Laptop table for my sister It's adjustable and suitable for both reading and finishing typing errands. You can check more details of the product here. My sister is my instant companion and my BFF whenever I need some girls advice in everything like clothes, shopping and all the silliest ladies' problems. She's patiently there giving... Read More

A Special Day For My Little Sissy

I consider myself blessed for having a sister to whom I can count as my best friend and my loyal confidant since we were young. We’ve been through a lot and we courageously managed to overcome all those struggles in life. She is always there when I badly need a companion to comfort me during my weakest. When I am celebrating a victory for an event, she’s my number one fan and my cheerleader. We aren’t a perfect sibling, we fight and get annoyed with each other’s differences, but at the end of the day, we’ve learned how to compromise for... Read More