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It was supposed to be a girl’s day out last weekends but because I was stuck in completing all the updating requests for my banking concern, we decided not to continue with our plans in going to the city. It was a blessing in disguise because of it, we found this metal made Laptop table for my sister


It’s adjustable and suitable for both reading and finishing typing errands. You can check more details of the product here.


My sister is my instant companion and my BFF whenever I need some girls advice in everything like clothes, shopping and all the silliest ladies’ problems. She’s patiently there giving her direct opinion to me.

When I was a kid, I was curious on how it feels to have a best friend while watching girl’s movies about friendship. I was quite interested on how can someone who isn’t related by blood can treat her friend dearly with genuine love as if they were born coming from the same mother. I kept on trying to build such closeness with my friends around me, however, I failed to find a companion to whom I could consider as what they coined as BESTFRIEND during my grade school days. I have close friends yes, but not totally as close and perfect compared to the relationship portrayed in films with a sturdy friendship.

I came to recognize now on what’s the fuss of looking for best friends if I have a sister to whom I can trust and who will surely have my back if I will necessitate her presence. For those who do have a sister, be it younger or an older one, life is more fun having a sibling you can share both your happy and freaking crazy experiences in life.


I can attest to the fact that having a sister is amazing, though sometimes it brings pain in my beautiful behind during those times when we chose to be the best of foes for some ludicrous fights. But, at the end of the day, she’s still my sister who’ll give me an absolute hug.

I’m thankful I have this kind of closeness with my sibling. Of course, not everyone has that same relationship with what I have with her. For those who have an awesome best friend/sisters in the world, here are few of an awe-inspiring truths about them.

  1. She can straightly say it to my face on how hideous I do look like or give praise for a stunning get-up. I’m used to it when she’ll bluntly comment, your fats are getting out of control. (Eyes rolled) Getting offended with her isn’t part of the equation anymore.
  2. I can tell her my secrets even the most embarrassing one without any hesitations of getting ridiculed. “Hey, I just had accidentally farted in public!” Her response is, “Eww, whatever!” Something as gross as that is pretty normal to our conversation.
  3. We can fight, be friends, fight again and the cycle continues but she will never change her loyalty to be available when needed. I’m only one call away as per Charlie Puth’s song.
  4. She annoys me when she attacks my wardrobe and vice versa. Her clothes are sometimes my clothes. There’s no need to argue about it.
  5. She was my Maid of Honor during my wedding and I will be her Matron of Honor when she will finally decide to settle down.
  6. She knows how to push me towards achieving my goal when I feel like giving up after failing for an X number of times. Keeping your faith to succeed is not as easy as it may seem without a support system to cheer you up in continuing the journey.
  7. I have someone to share my dreams with when we were still kids until the day when our dreams are now starting to come into reality. I don’t need to explain to her the hardships I’ve gone thru coz she was there witnessing every difficulty along the way.

That sums up about our love and hate relationship as sisters. Having her as my confidante is more than enough than having a big circle of people you can’t yet be certain if they’ll stick to you around during difficult times.




  1. Aww. I was so touched reading this entry. Thanks Ate for being my one and true Bestie for Life

    1. Lots of Love♥♥♥

  2. Nice one… making me realize to love my sister more.

    1. I’m glad you love it. Let’s continue to show our love to them while we still have the luxury of time to do so.

  3. You’re lucky enough to have one whom you can trust for life. Great that you kept your relationship with your sister as loving as it can be.

    1. Thanks for visiting♥. I am indeed thankful for having her.☺

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