A Special Day For My Little Sissy

I consider myself blessed for having a sister to whom I can count as my best friend and my loyal confidant since we were young. We’ve been through a lot and we courageously managed to overcome all those struggles in life. She is always there when I badly need a companion to comfort me during my weakest. When I am celebrating a victory for an event, she’s my number one fan and my cheerleader. We aren’t a perfect sibling, we fight and get annoyed with each other’s differences, but at the end of the day, we’ve learned how to compromise for each other’s unique likes and attitude.

Last Saturday, she just celebrated her 28th Birthday in our hometown. We celebrated it together with our parents, my husband and my son. It was a simple celebration yet memorable because we were complete. It’s seldom all of us can be together due to our conflicting schedules. I’m thankful her special day fell on our rest days.


My Message for Ann:♥

Happy Birthday Ann. All I am wishing is for you to be blessed with more opportunities for you to show to the world how dedicated you are as a grade school teacher. I salute your dedication in coming to work everyday and exerting an extra mile to make sure  your students are catching up with their lessons. You’re brilliant enough to find ways to adjust your method of teaching to match it with the learning curve of your learners. I can’t express it all in words on how much I am proud and thankful to be your sister. May God continue to shower you with good health despite the stressful world we are living. We, your family, will always be here to support you in whatever path or decisions you will make, both in your personal life and in your career. We love you so much baby girl.♥♥♥





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