Mines View Park, Baguio City

This was the last destination we visited before we ended our first half adventure in Baguio. If you are hunting to purchase local souvenir items and food delicacies, then this is the best place for you. The park wasn't that big though, but you could find several stalls selling those things you want like to bring home. Colorful pink haired horses for picture taking were also available. If you want to take a photo wearing the ancestral costumes of the locals, you can borrow them with a small fee. Here are some of the food delicacies available. Prices ranged from Php 30.00- Php 200.00. Very affordable, what do... Read More

Baguio City Souvenir Shopping

I've published all the details of our itinerary for our Baguio escapade and now I'll be sharing to you guys my most favorite topic among them and that is our " SOUVENIR SHOPPING". Let me start with some of the delicious food we bought there. This is a marshmallow coated in milk and dark chocolate. You can  buy 7 or 8 of this with the same sized container in combination with other assorted food delicacies for only Php100. My toddler loves to eat this sweet treat. Picture it out how messy a toddler eats. Akyn's face and hands were full of chocolate stains. Next on the list is the... Read More