Mines View Park, Baguio City

This was the last destination we visited before we ended our first half adventure in Baguio. If you are hunting to purchase local souvenir items and food delicacies, then this is the best place for you. The park wasn’t that big though, but you could find several stalls selling those things you want like to bring home. Colorful pink haired horses for picture taking were also available. If you want to take a photo wearing the ancestral costumes of the locals, you can borrow them with a small fee.

Here are some of the food delicacies available. Prices ranged from Php 30.00- Php 200.00. Very affordable, what do you think? Just make sure you have checked in baggage if you’re traveling by plane, bottled jam jars are not allowed to be hand carried.

These stores were located both outside and within the vicinity of the park.

Aside from the food delicacies, different types of plants were sold here for a cheap price. If I could only bring all them home.

Welcome to Mines View Park.





A brief description about what this park has to offer to the tourist and I would testify  the view was totally spectacular.


Isn’t that breathtaking? The view of the  Benguet Mountain ranges from the top is so beautiful.


Make way for the lovers in Baguio.♥♥♥


A wishing well where wishes come true. Really? I got so many wishes to ask from this well:

1.Make me beautiful
2.Make me sexy
3.Forget about the first 2,  just make me full first because I am 100% starving.


The answer to my third wish… My most awaited lunch at the Mariners’ Cabin.  We had a Spicy Bulalo (beef dish from the Philippines) Php 190.00 per serving was more than enough for me and my spouse. The spiciness of the soup gave it a unique kick makin me wanting to crave for more. Cravings satisfied.






Happy travel everyone♥


  1. Ah! That looks like so much fun!

    1. Thank you Jane. Fun and memorable adventure.

  2. The view is gorgeous and the little market looks like it has a big variety of items. Even better that they are priced cheap! I would spend so much money in there!

    1. Thanks Breyona for your comment. I can get crazy shopping here lol. There prices are very reasonable.♥

  3. This trip looks super fun! I bet you guys had an absolute blast!

    1. Thanks Ana. Yes, you’re right we had such an amazing time enjoying the trip. ♥

  4. this looks awesome! that view is amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much.♥

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