Baguio City Souvenir Shopping

I’ve published all the details of our itinerary for our Baguio escapade and now I’ll be sharing to you guys my most favorite topic among them and that is our ” SOUVENIR SHOPPING”.

Let me start with some of the delicious food we bought there. This is a marshmallow coated in milk and dark chocolate. You can  buy 7 or 8 of this with the same sized container in combination with other assorted food delicacies for only Php100. My toddler loves to eat this sweet treat. Picture it out how messy a toddler eats. Akyn’s face and hands were full of chocolate stains.


Next on the list is the famous Lengua de Gato, long thin cookies that is similar to the shape of a cat’s tongue. This packaging cost 7-8 assorted containers for Php100 just like the coated marshmallows. I can really taste the butter in it. Again, my son almost finished all the cookies in this photo.


This is another Lengua de Gato from another supplier. I apologize for the shape was distorted. I took a picture of it when we arrived in Cebu. So, if you can just imagine how many hands handled my bags from bus trip, to the over delayed flight (eyes rolled) and finally, a public utility vehicle to our house.


This is the Alfajor as they call it. It’s a delicate cookies made of cornstarch filled with caramel. I couldn’t taste the sticky caramel filling inside it. My taste bud could only savor cornstarch, cornstarch and cornstarch. Upsetting! Perhaps, other stores offer better  Alfajor than this.


Chocolate Crinkles cost 3 rectangular containers for Php100.00 and 7 for Php100.00 for the circular packaging. I am quite happy with this cakey chocolate crinkles. I love the sweetness of the dough beneath the coated white sugar on it.


Milkasan Choc’o flakes is so delish like you can forget your name now (exaggerated hahaha). I like the crispiness of the Choco flakes. One container cost Php120.00. If I only knew how delectable this sweet snack is, I could have bought more of it than purchasing Alfajor.(pouting lips)


Whenever you heard a friend has just arrived from Baguio City, the first question is usually to ask if your bestie brought the famous overloaded in sweetness Strawberry Jam. Strawberry Jam is one of the best and the most bought food delicacy in the city. How can I not want more than a spoonful of this? This is just irresistibly delicious.♥♥♥


One kilo of fresh strawberries cost around Php300-400. It’s best to pair strawberry with condensed milk (experiment by my husband).


Done with all the mouthwatering treats. Ill show you some of the things I bought apart from food.

I bought this locally made purse in one of the stalls outside the Mines View Park for Php65.00 for my sister who’s a purse addict. Very affordable, eh? Wooden city name is attached to the purse making it unique from any other ordinary purse created from other provinces in the Philippines.


For myself, I got this cute embroidered owl designed tote bag for only Php250.00. I so love it. OMG! It’s very useful to me in carrying all my toddler’s stuff in traveling, for I got so many things to bring when Akyn is with me like his milk (number 1 priority), disposable diapers, his favorite pillow, extra clothes, water, toys and the list goes on. (Mom Duties☺)


My favorite fridge magnet collection every time I travel. Three magnets for Php100.00. I found one store offering 5 wooden magnets for Php100.00 but I didn’t like the design. I better like this colorful set.


Baguio City offers a fair and reasonable price of T-shirts compared to the Dumaguete prices we recently bought last June of 2017. It’s about half of the price difference. Colored shirts regardless of the size cost Php100.00 per piece while white shirts cost 2 pieces for a hundred and fifty Philippine peso. It was quite a catch!


Baguio City opens their night market every 9 PM. You’ll be amazed with all the affordable items being sold in the market. You need to be keen as well in looking around to find a quality yet economical goods. It’s better if you know how to haggle with the seller to save more. Unfortunately, I don’t have such talent to bargain. =(

I got this blouse for my Mama for Php100.00. I love the fabric and the color too.


We took a trip to SM Baguio and had a quick snack there. I didn’t expect to purchase anything but then I saw this for my toddler.


Cool Jogger pants for my little man. When he first saw my “PASALUBONG”, his first reaction was a sincere “WOOWWWW”. I was deeply touched for he now know how to show his appreciation to gifts.

My energy was all drained after the trip but the experience was super worth it.♥♥♥

Happy Shopping travelers.


  1. I’ve been to Baguio for more than 5 years ago and what I love about this place is the Ukay-ukay! Very cheap buys and worth every penny spent! hahaha

    1. Thanks Ann for reading. Yes I can get crazy shopping here with their cheap prices. ?

  2. The chocolates look yummy. Such a great take home. I’d also get the beautiful beach bag

    1. Thanks for visiting. Yes Chocolates are so delectable. ?

    2. Thanks for visiting. Yes, chocolates are so delectable

  3. Chocolate looks tempting

    1. Thanks Sandeep. Yes very delish chocolates

  4. Baguio treats are always the best. I am addicted to Chocolate flakes and even ask a friend from Baguio to send me some. I wanted to try the marshmallows. And of course, ukayukay in Baguio is a must. hehehe

    1. Thank you for reading. Chocolate flakes is really irresistibly delicious. Hahaha I’m craving again to eat one

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