My Heartwarming Reasons To Be Thankful For My Husband

I spent half of my one day off last week sleeping. I was so exhausted with my workload. I am not complaining about it for I am still thankful that I have a decent job to help me generate income for my family. For my last work commitment, I rendered 16 hours duty for one shift as required. I enjoyed my shift in performing my duties of course. What’s with the terrific work schedule then that I need to talk about on this post? I’m certain others may have more toxic job than I do. Well, it’s not about my... Read More

Rules For A Happy Marriage

One of our wedding gifts that I like most is this wooden wall frame with a meaningful message about keeping the married life strong. This was given to me by my college friend. Let me share you a picture of it. Wedding is a one day happy celebration of the formal union between lovers taking their vow in front of God, but after the ceremony it's when the real married life begins. Marriage isn't just about the honeymoon stage. It can't be compared to the fairytale stories in books we thought to be real when we were kids. Marriage needs to be fed by the couples... Read More