Valentine’s Day 2021

A bit late for this post for our Valentine's Day celebration because I'm trying to catch up with everything pretty Mommas. How was your heart's day everyone? Mine started with going to work for a long day. Haggard, well yeah. I initially had it scheduled as my annual leave however, my manager requested if I could move my leave and be on shift on a weekend due to staffing issues. Usual problem on a hospital setting, I know! A week before the 14th of February, I've already told Mon to skip my favorite bouquet of flowers for this year and... Read More

Spice Up Your Marriage

I’ve read quite a few articles talking about a successful marriage but never did I come across with a literature stating marriage is an instant perfection of a union to those who were lucky to find the right partner. Creating a mini-paradise experience of being together requires a lot of effort. Effort to make things work with the diversity of two cultures merged into one. It needs the willingness to compromise with each difference of beliefs. It’s more about agreeing to disagree in some aspects. I find it hard to adjust to this concept before because I used to believe... Read More