Spice Up Your Marriage

I’ve read quite a few articles talking about a successful marriage but never did I come across with a literature stating marriage is an instant perfection of a union to those who were lucky to find the right partner.

Creating a mini-paradise experience of being together requires a lot of effort. Effort to make things work with the diversity of two cultures merged into one. It needs the willingness to compromise with each difference of beliefs. It’s more about agreeing to disagree in some aspects. I find it hard to adjust to this concept before because I used to believe my husband should be the only one who was obliged to act and live with my expectations from him. It was a selfish point of view which wasn’t helpful in building a sturdy relationship.

I still consider myself as an apprentice in my four years of marriage and as days pass, I continue to absorb life lessons from it. Everyone wants to have their matrimony to last. So do I! But how can we maintain the sweetness in our marriage?

With the demands of our piling responsibilities as working mothers, we are so much prone to become a little bit preoccupied with completing our tasks leaving us exhausted whenever we arrive at home. We may habitually start to practice retiring to sleep without even smiling to our spouse but still share the same bed to sleep. Can you imagine that? We may end up like cordial acquaintance buddies simply giving nods in the hall without talking. We can’t allow that to happen, right Mommas?

It can’t be right…We can’t permit this habit to continue as it might result to some nightmarish experience to our marriage. If you feel something isn’t right, do you normally do any action to face it or would you simply let it pass?

Of course, we can’t just take it for granted. It’s alarming to feel dullness in a relationship. Whenever I would personally feel somehow deserted in our relationship, I don’t hesitate opening up my concern to my husband’s attention telling him how I actually feel. It’s a given fact that both of us are vulnerable to be exposed to stress due to the nature of our taxing professional life but this should not be the reason to forget OUR FAMILY TIME. It’s not a valid excuse for our union to lack the sweetness as it used to be.

What are your normal practices to spice up your marriage?

Make an effort for little surprises

You’ll never know the joy that it can bring to your partner by giving them a reason to smile through letting them feel appreciated. Just so timely, my husband gave me a bouquet of flowers last night for our monthsary. I was about to sleep when he came home bringing these beautiful flowers.(Happy dance)


I felt guilty for forgetting it was the 28th of the month yesterday.♥ I got so busy processing my requirements for my job application. (Making excuses☺). But you know what, I greatly believe this gesture of giving gifts regardless of the amount is a thoughtful way of saying,” Hey, I still care for you and I wanted you to know I care for your happiness.” Being married doesn’t mean leaving those impressive act of kindness during our dating stage. Instead, it means getting better in winning our partner’s heart over and over again.

Cutting the Boredom

The more you spend moments together, most of the time things are getting routinely occurring. It feels like the boredom is getting worse each day when you see your spouse. Dear me! We can cut the chain of monotony. Why not look for something that interests you then do it together with your husband? Just like learning together to cook for a new dish or if both of you love to travel then by all means, explore the world. The key word to combat boredom is CHANGE. Make changes to bring back the romance of excitement. Ayee!

Choosing to Stay

Boredom at times may be accompanied by marital issues which can make the situation unbearable. This is the challenging part of married couples, choosing to stay in love amidst all the problems. Moments may happen when we might reach to a feeling of getting so infuriated with our spouse and it seems the friction can’t be fixed anymore. Sometimes, I am tempted to say IT’S OVER. Merely because I am at the height of my emotions. It’s a not a good practice though to do that. That’s why I hate to talk when I am mad.

Have you gone to that phase? We aren’t married for that long, but believe me when I say we’ve experienced more grueling situations too. Well, it’s expected for newly married couple. The adjustment phase of knowing who you are married to…The honeymoon stage is over….No more fairytale drama because the reality is starting to unfold…You got to work on your relationship to stay as loving as it used to be!

Yes, that’s what we need to do!

Have a lovely weekend pretty mothers and keep the fire of love burning.☺



  1. OMG! Kailan pa kaya may magbibigay ng flowers sakin? Any tips naman dyan friend. Hahaha Kakausapin ko si Lowlee, baka may idea din siya about flowers hahaha 🌺🌼🌻

    1. Hahaha 😛darating rin yan friend balang araw…sa di mo inaasahang pagkakataon..tiwala lang besh hahaha💕💕

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