Valentine’s Day 2021

A bit late for this post for our Valentine’s Day celebration because I’m trying to catch up with everything pretty Mommas. How was your heart’s day everyone? Mine started with going to work for a long day. Haggard, well yeah. I initially had it scheduled as my annual leave however, my manager requested if I could move my leave and be on shift on a weekend due to staffing issues. Usual problem on a hospital setting, I know!

A week before the 14th of February, I’ve already told Mon to skip my favorite bouquet of flowers for this year and get me something that would last. Am I starting to be practical with gifts? Hmm, maybe. LOL.

So, after a tiring day I hurriedly went home to see my surprise. Who wouldn’t be elated to get gifts from their husband during Valentine’s? Yes I got another addition to my Pandora obsession and some sweets. (

I’m such a great fan of Pandora especially the charms I got for my bracelet with sentimal value attached to it. They’re just so cute with a vast design to choose from. Wow! I do always receive them as a present from Mon during special days. He exactly knows how to please his wife. The effort for thinking about what to give me is what I appreciated most.

What actions of your husband or partner that can still make you romatically excited after how many years of being together pretty Mums? Well, I’ll share a few and maybe after reading this post you’ll be able to realize some sweetness we often overlook from them.

❤He wakes up at five in the morning to cook my breakfast and make my coffee ready when I’m scheduled for a long day duty so by half past five everything is ready for me to eat before taking a shower. He does our dinner as well if I’m on shift. He never complained doing it and I appreciated it very much. I do the cooking during my rest days. Well, relationship is a give and take partnership, isn’t it?

❤ Special occasions are never forgotten. He usually cracks a joke telling me he got nothing to give me a day before the occassion but then a special surprise is hidden somewhere in the house. My little boy breaks his surprise by telling me his Dad has hidden a gift for Mommie. LOL. Gifts can be anything as we ladies don’t normally mind the price. What matters to us is the EFFORT. The effort of continuing to make us feel special.😍

Shopping delivery received. Yey!

❤Saying sorry and I love you when it’s difficult to say it. Marriage isn’t a perfect fairytale. At some point we could be at the height of hating each other due to some differences. However, staying married is a choice. Between us I got the tendency to play cold wars and won’t say sorry not unless he does. I should be thankful of having a humble husband who chooses to break the cold wars right away. 💕

❤️He’s always prioritizing our Akyn over anything. Because getting a childcare is obviously too pricey in here, being with our Akyn 24/7 during this lockdown times is mainly our priority to do. It’s a blessing that his job offers work from home as a software developer allowing him to look after our baby when I’m at work in the hospital. So, if your husband is deligently willing to watch over your kids as well, appreciate them as not all men can survive the stress of doing that. (wink)

Let not this day pass without appreciating our dear hubbies. It will definitely make their day brighter with that sincere THANK you from us.

Morning fellas.😘



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