Dunkin in Hull

Few weeks ago after I had my night shift, we decided to treat ourselves with sweetness. Dunkin is a brand of doughnut I grew up with. Knowing they had a branch here in Kingswood, Hull made me so happy and extremely excited to try. Sleepless night won't stop me from enjoying my rest day. So, come on and head to the nearest Dunkin branch. Because it is fall season, it is the time for Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's my first time trying the drink and I like it. Some of my friends doesn't like the taste that much. You'll either... Read More

Shopping in Hull

Hello pretty mums. I've finished my duty at three in the afternoon which would mean I got enough time to update akynfullhouse. Yey, finally I can relax my tired body. That's quite a blessing to us working moms to have our ME time, isn't it? Let's talk about something we all ladies love to do. What do you think would be our discussion for today? I want to share you about my first shopping experience here in Hull. Pretty exciting topic, I know. One benefit of working in places away from the city centre of England is the fact that... Read More