Dunkin in Hull

Few weeks ago after I had my night shift, we decided to treat ourselves with sweetness. Dunkin is a brand of doughnut I grew up with. Knowing they had a branch here in Kingswood, Hull made me so happy and extremely excited to try. Sleepless night won’t stop me from enjoying my rest day. So, come on and head to the nearest Dunkin branch.

Because it is fall season, it is the time for Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s my first time trying the drink and I like it. Some of my friends doesn’t like the taste that much. You’ll either love it or hate it, I guess. Their choices of doughnuts aren’t the same as what I am looking for like the local recipe we had at home.😒Anyway, we still enjoyed this moment of eating together on a sunny chilly morning.

After we satisfied our cravings for sweets, we went to the opposite building where there’s an arcade to let my boy have fun. Is it really only for Akyn or for the parent’s enjoyment, too?😂

It’s not packed when we came allowing us to move freely and enjoy every arcade game. This place is definitely for the kids and the kids at heart (oldies like us😂)

He had loads of ticket prices for the day. Wohoo! Happy Akyntoot here.

Here are my boys trying to count the total number of tickets they got to claim for a toy later.

I am to up this point in my life where I am enjoying every fruit of my hard work. My dear Lord never fails to shower me with blessings. So, even the tiniest grace will never left unappreciated by me. As they said, as long as you are doing the right thing, thy Heavens sees the purity of your soul and shall grant you with unimaginable gifts like you deserved it. To those who have hurt our family big time, I’m going to let God judge you with your actions.

We will continue to live our lives with full of happiness and presents. Be our guest to see us live our life to the fullest.😊

And that being said, I had few shopping haul done these previous weeks. These two fabrics from a thrift shop Sue Ryder are pretty. I already used the blue cloth for my newly sewn pillow cases and also made a couple of scrunchies to match with my work uniform. I already envisioned how cute it will turn out when I’ll wear it with my UK nursing blue dress.

These two were my first purchases during the start of fall. I got the comfy pillow from Tesco whilst the mug was from Home Bargains. It is so cozy especially during the cold season

And of course, a diffuser for my entry way. Who wants to have a house smelling divine? Me👍 It ain’t expensive plus the smell is really nice like a Tropical Paradise indeed. I got it form the Range

Then my Avon lady came to drop my monthly order. How convenient is that? I don’t need to shop outside of my home as she collects and delivers my orders. For a busy working momma like me, this method is such a convenient way to complete our shopping needs.

It’s my first time trying this. It’s strong but still feminine. I love wearing it at work,

I use it in combination of my other darker shade lipstick as this one is a bit pale to my lips. But it lasts when applied.

I thought my hair dryer was broken. I then hurriedly bought one from Currys because I can’t go out with my hair wet during cold season. It gives me headache. When this arrived, I tried again my broken dryer and miraculously it was still working. So now, I got two hair dryers instead.(LOL) Panic buyer! I will give the other one to my sister.

and the best part of my haul is my new blush pink laptop for my blogging needs. Yey! I gave my black laptop buddy to my sister because I really wanted to get a pink blog company this time. I let Mon review the specs first before buying to make sure it is good enough to meet my computer needs. I use it mainly for encoding to manage my blog and few bits of my work stuff related reading.

Here’s my new baby! I wanted to have a complete pink set so I paired it with my external keyboard from Miniso, pink blush wireless mouse from Amazon and pink pig mouse pad from Ebay. I am all set then to continue my blogging hobby.

My boys setting up the techy stuff for this pretty Momma to get started.

Rainy morning everyone. Perfect morning to get cozy at home and start writing our thoughts out.😘

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