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Hello pretty mums. I’ve finished my duty at three in the afternoon which would mean I got enough time to update akynfullhouse. Yey, finally I can relax my tired body. That’s quite a blessing to us working moms to have our ME time, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about something we all ladies love to do. What do you think would be our discussion for today? I want to share you about my first shopping experience here in Hull. Pretty exciting topic, I know.

One benefit of working in places away from the city centre of England is the fact that the cost of living is way cheaper compared to the central city part of the UK. Shopping isn’t a big problem then. But of course, choosing where to work will also depend on your priorities. If you’re into parties, traveling or having lots of strolling, you can choose London. However, if you’re like me who wanted to save more while working you can choose those locations a bit far from the busy streets.

I find Hull perfectly suited to my own lifestyle. Very laid back and the cost of living isn’t that high compared to London as expected. It’s a bonus for a thrift Momma like me because I can shop and still have enough funds for me to survive here. Hooray!

So, how was my first shopping went? Our agenda was supposedly just to open our bank accounts where our salaries can be credited. Their method of opening a bank account here is different to what we do in the Philippines. You can’t just always walk-in and tell the bank teller you wanted to start your financial relationship with them. You got to book for an appointment first before coming. Sometimes, their employees availability aren’t enough to assist all customers that’s why they needed to know first on how many clients will they be catering for the day. It’s a good to know information for new comers like us.

After our bank appointments, we strolled to the nearby shops around the city centre of Hull. The first thing we saw was this fruit stand just a few steps away from the bank. They were on sale trying to get rid of all the stocks. Mostly, their prices ranges from two fruit packs for one pound to two pounds. Is that for real? I couldn’t even believe it at first.


My co-nurse bought the blue berries, two packs for one pound. Rough estimate of about Php34.00 for each pack if we are going to convert it to our money back home. Very affordable, right?


I bought grapes with the same price as the blue berries. This amount is even way cheaper to how much would this fruit would actually cost in Cebu. Hull will make me fat. This photo is for 50 pence or Php34.00. Can you buy this much grapes for thirtyish pesos. I doubt it, no.


Walking a little bit further, we found one of the shops I’ve been wanting to visit here. It’s the Primark. They do sell a diverse range of products at an affordable price. You should include this on your list too if you’ll have the time visiting this country.

I was so excited when I first entered the store making me forget about my friends who were with me. Sorry guys.😂Thanks to my patient companions waiting for me to finish looking around. Please say hi to them.

Here are my shopping haul for Primark. My warm leggings with fleece inner lining reduced to 3 pounds from its original amount of GBP6. It’s a must to buy for those who aren’t used to the cold weather like me.

Please buy this if you don’t like to shiver while walking around. This is the inner part.

I also bought two extra tops for only GBP2.50. I won’t buy anything more than five pounds for a shirt as of the moment. I brought few shirts with me because my luggage capacity almost exceeded the limit of 30kg. Dear me !😥

My stretchable black shirt. It’s not thick though. Anyway, I’ll use it only as my inner clothes so it’s fine.

I like this statement shirt’s message. 😉

If we have a Peso store in the Philippines they also got what they call as Poundland. Almost everything cost for GBP1. Seriously?

Yay, overwhelmed with happiness. 😘 I so love the on point message of this tin can. Hello beautiful mommas. This is for us.

Another tin can with food inside. I haven’t tasted it yet. I bought it because of the container and not because of the content. Lol. 😏

All for one pound each.

My favorite section, the school supplies.

The also got sandwiches in different flavors enough to make you burp for one pound. (jaw dropped)😛

There are few more stores here selling good quality items at a very reasonable amount. I’ll blog it next time.

Have a nice day everyone.

Mich 😘

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