Fall Season Pumpkin Picking

I've finished this book, The Point of Retreat which is the second sequel of CoHo's book entitled Slammed. It was definitely another legend she has created to continue the love story of Will and Layken. I'm on the third book now called This Girl. I'm crossing my finger I'll also fall in love with her creation again. I got hooked with the first book where she introduced about an activity called poetry slam in the story where a group of young people gather together in a club to courageously recite their own made poems expressing their deepest emotions of something.... Read More

Made Even Better

Are you a fan of browsing Pinterest for some creative ideas of any do-it-your own projects? I am as well a patron of Pinterest especially when it comes to making a handmade output for parties or just simply decorations at home. However, this time, I am proud to make one of my DIY for my room display without searching for any suggested concepts online. Yes, I made it! I promised to myself that every rest day I should accomplish something worthwhile not only having a siesta for all day. That's not productive, is it? I love to lazily curl up... Read More