Fall Season Pumpkin Picking

I’ve finished this book, The Point of Retreat which is the second sequel of CoHo’s book entitled Slammed. It was definitely another legend she has created to continue the love story of Will and Layken. I’m on the third book now called This Girl. I’m crossing my finger I’ll also fall in love with her creation again. I got hooked with the first book where she introduced about an activity called poetry slam in the story where a group of young people gather together in a club to courageously recite their own made poems expressing their deepest emotions of something. It was wild reading each piece of them. If there’s only such thing as this in my local area, I would be more than glad to participate. It would be a jaw dropping experience to listen to someone using their creativity to use literature in evoking emotions.

One of Colleen Hoover’s poem that inspire me the most is this:

Write poorly.
Write awful
Don’t care
Turn off the inner editor
Let yourself write
Let it flow
Let yourself fail
Do something crazy
Write fifty thousand words in the month of
I did it.
It was fun , it was insane , it was one thousand six
hundred and sixty-seven words a day.
It was possible.
But you have to turn off your inner critic.
Off completely.
Just write.
In bursts.
With joy.
If you can’t write, run away for a few.
Come back.
Write again.
Writing is like anything else.
You won’t get good at it immediately.
It’s a craft, you have to keep getting better.
You don’t get to Juilliard unless you practice.
If you want to get to Carnegie Hall, practice, practice, practice.
…Or give them a lot of money.
Like anything else, it takes ten thousand hours to master.
Just like Malcolm Gladwell says.
So write.
Get your thoughts down.
Let it rest.
Let it marinate.
Then edit.
But don’t edit as you type,
that just slows the brain down.
Find a daily practice,
for me it’s blogging every day.
And it’s fun.
The more you write, the easier it gets. The more it is a flow, the less a worry. It’s not for school, it’s not for a grade, it’s just to get your thoughts out there.
You know they want to come out.
So keep at it. Make it a practice. And write poorly, write awfully, write with abandon and it may end up being
good. ”

― Colleen Hoover, Point of Retreat

Apart from my obsession to Coho’s books, We did our yearly visit to do pumpkin picking with the same team, Kuya Marcelo and Ate Susan with the kids and Ate Percy and her fam as well. Coming from a night shift, sleepy but the energy and excitement was there to enjoy this day. I got loads of Kalabasa (pumpkin)again. Yay!

Here’s the photo of the kalabasa hoarders. LOL😂

They also got few sunflowers at the end of the field. My Akyn loves them

Life in here can entice us sometimes to spend more time to work as nurses are paid well enough if we’ll do some extra shift as agency nurses. However, if you’ve got kids, the workaholic us needs to shut down to give more quality time to them. Kids will never be kids forever. Share with them the giggles they’ll remember forever sa much as you can. 😘😘

The cutiepatoties of the trip. From Left to right, Bela, Akyn, Aj and Lucas.

This is the corn maze. It took us a good fifteen to twenty minutes looking for Akyn and Aj. The kids initiated a hide and seek game. All of us our seekers whilst Aj and Akyn gave us a hard time looking for them in between corn plants.

They artistically placed some Holloween display in the field. Well, Halloween is fast approaching.

Each sweetcorn was only for 50p. Not bad, ey? Excited to boil them and add some cheese powder into it.

My cutest Baba. Thank you Ate Percy for all the lovely photos.

It’s our second time in here and next year, we are all looking forward to spend another fun time again. Little things, little pleasure, little source of joy will never be left unappreciated by me.

  1. Pumpkin Patches are always a blast and I love that they have sunflowers & other spots that make for a great photo opp. It sounds like you all had fun!

  2. That looks like fun! There are so many squashes there! I love fall and going pumpkin picking.

  3. A trip to the pumpkin farm is always so much fun! It looks like you had a great time.

  4. I just drove past a pumpkin patch yday and was thinking about how long it has been since we went to one .. with our kids now older teens, too long..
    Love your pics – looks like you all had great times

  5. Great photos! Looks like a fun time, and you brought home a great harvest.

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