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Are you a fan of browsing Pinterest for some creative ideas of any do-it-your own projects? I am as well a patron of Pinterest especially when it comes to making a handmade output for parties or just simply decorations at home. However, this time, I am proud to make one of my DIY for my room display without searching for any suggested concepts online. Yes, I made it!

I promised to myself that every rest day I should accomplish something worthwhile not only having a siesta for all day. That’s not productive, is it? I love to lazily curl up in bed though, with a book in my hand for a few hours but I can’t allow to have a sedentary lifestyle throughout the day. God forbid!

Bought some stuff last Wednesday so I can start doing it by weekends. One of my to go to shop for affordable art crafts is in BOYES (Please click the link for directions). Check this out for my materials.

The letters cost one pound and fifty pence each. Not that bad,ey? I wanted to paint it with a white shade to match it with my room motif. The truth is actually I’m starting to love whites.(making excuses). Got my favorite letter M for Michelle and A for my Akyn. Should I include you Andamon? Their names start with A which means I can just have one letter for them. Perfect!LOL



Please excuse the tin cans. These aren’t part of the plan. It’s my weakness whenever I can see them I find it hard to let them go or else I’m going to regret it when they’re gone the next time I’ll visit the shop.

Lesson learned: Do not let go of those you love. Hold on tight until the pangs of guilt will fade.(wink) Tin can’s addict motto.


Here’s my first attempt of my art session. Painting it with white. I did four layers of repainting to make sure the color is evenly distributed.


To my surprise I have not consumed the entire bottle of paint for the three letters. Yey, still got some spare for anything I may use it in the future.


If you think it’s done, sorry but no. Added some more crafty decorations on it to make it even more attractive to the eyes. Got a golden butterfly to stick on each side of the letters. Why choose a butterfly instead of flowers or any other girly stickers? I love butterflies because they are one of the few insects that could undergo what they call as a complete metamorphosis starting from being an unattractive egg and eventually developing into a pretty graceful butterfly. Like a woman getting more attractive as they reach their full bloom. Would you agree on that? I hope so.

This is my final output. Tadaannn!

Added some glittering heart shaped on it so it will still glow through the darkness of the night.


I’m proud with my little obsession to DIY activities. It allows both my body and mind to work at the same time. What’s your latest project, too? Please feel free to drop a comment below.



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