I'm starting to feel a little bit better compared to yesterday when I had to stay in bed all day with my non stop fever and body ached all over. I got hit with Covid again for the second time around.😥I had my two vaccines plus my booster dose but the effect of the virus on my first day was still terrible. I'm glad my fever is off now just clogged nose and cough with mild headache. I felt like this second Covid that hit me is stronger than my last year's experience. I'm glad I had my vaccination. It... Read More

Airbnb To The Rescue-London Day 1

As early as one in the morning we already started preparing ourselves for our morning travel to London. We chose this so we can maximize our time in visiting all our target places to view within the short duration of our time off from the reality. You know what pretty mommas, I've proven to myself after my trip that having a break from everyday work would help us recharge our tired selves. We should do this often, I greatly suggest. (wink). Stop being too workaholic Mich! How was the travel during the wee hours? Surely bitterly cold with only the... Read More