I’m starting to feel a little bit better compared to yesterday when I had to stay in bed all day with my non stop fever and body ached all over. I got hit with Covid again for the second time around.😥I had my two vaccines plus my booster dose but the effect of the virus on my first day was still terrible. I’m glad my fever is off now just clogged nose and cough with mild headache. I felt like this second Covid that hit me is stronger than my last year’s experience. I’m glad I had my vaccination. It could have been worse if I hadn’t. I can’t really help it to avoid the virus especially with my line of work as a nurse in the hospital always exposed in looking after the sick.

Anyway, as blogging is my therapeutic activity so here I am writing our Stonehenge adventure to share some positivity vibes. Our trip to Stonehenge was completely a spontaneous plan. It was unplanned to be honest. My friends suggested me to visit Stonehenge during our Bath trip since both tourist spots are situated near to each other. It took like an hour from Bath to Stonehenge. To maximize our travel escapade we did book the train on our second day in Bath. It cost around 50quid including the return for the three of us. The bus going to Stonehenge is just outside the train station. The first trip was at ten in the morning. The bus was specifically only enroute to Stonehenge. It was like a tour bus rather than a regular one. We were given an option if we want to pay for a bus ride only or including the entrance fee. I paid almost 40GBP for two adults and a child bus fare plus entrance. Not bad, ey?

My littleman’s OOTD. His top were all hand me down from his Kuya Adrian. Thank you Kuya Marcelo and Ate Susan.

He’s already wearing our newly bought puffer jacket from the Mountain Warehouse that matches the color of his beanie.

On our way to the train station with Akyn’s ever funny clowning facial expression.

Bath train station to Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The Madame on the trip.😂

An hour of train ride wasn’t really that long when you’re accompanied with the people you love during the trip.

We were provided with a headset to be connected to this little player on the bus to play the audio of the tour. Before going to Stonehenge, we passed by the city proper whilst the audio was providing the historical details of each spot in town. It was so amazing how they programmed it as the audio perfectly matches to play with each stop of the bus. They’ve calculated the bus movement and the recorded voice tour pretty well to be synchronized.

The first picturesque scene to greet us upon arrival is this house made of stone. It reminded me of the Flintstones cartoons featuring the Stone age.

and another stone

They got a souvenir shop as well. These are my new fridge magnets. A little pricey but I think it’s worth the price. I’m so thrilled to add them to my magnet collection.

and tadaaann. We are so happy to witness in person the Stonehenge world heritage site.

We can’t go near it though as it has been preserved to keep the stone in its place. It’s a very old structure, hence if all tourists are allowed to touch it, it may cause further deterioration to the preserved beauty.

It was expected to rain on our day visit but we were blessed as the rain started only during on our way home in the bus. We savored every moment in here with clear skies although chilly still and windy.

We had our lunch in Bath City Centre. Tried the Itsu Japanese in Bath. I would consider it like a fast food chain such as Mcdonalds. Everything is served fast and some are already prepacked meals. It’s tasty but we needed to eat fast because many are waiting to get a seat when we went there.

For our evening meal, we tried the nearest eating place from our hotel accomodation. It’s called Burgers N Barrels. We were amazed because they do offer vegan burger. We were about to head off because Mon wanted to have veges for dinner. The owner was so pleasant offering us options for a vegan meal. I do love their restaurant theme of having the retro vibe. You know how crazy I am when it comes to vintage. This is a major plus for me eating in this kind of ambience.

My Akyn ordered this cheesy chips with sesame seeds. It was super yummy.

The vegan burger.

I had to open up my burger to see what’s inside.

Mine was a roasted chicken burger.

On our last night in Bath after all the shopping we’ve done the entire day. Getting out of the hotel was too tiring. For the first time we’ve used Uber eats to order from Bath Sushi. Mon ordered all vegetable noodles, mine was the all seafood noodles while Akyn finished 16 pieces of sushi rice. I ate two out of his 18 pieces sushi pack. The mother needs to taste it first if it’s yummy. LOL🤣

This whole trip has been perfectly amazing. I’m hoping to spend more of these for the coming days (once I’m better). For now, I need to focus on my complete recovery before chasing another family travel goals.

Be happy and stay safe all pretty Mommas.


  1. Stonehenge is definitely on my list of places to visit! The pictures you got turned out great even though you weren’t allowed to get real close. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. This would be such a fun trip! I would like to visit here eventually.

  3. I’d love to see Stonehenge, and the food looks really good too!

  4. I didn’t know Stonehedge was blocked off. That’s amazing. I love when historical sites like this are well taken care of.

  5. Stonehenge is on my bucket list and someday will visit.. Your photos always tempt me to try out foods wherever I am (at least I can do that while I visit places via your travels!)

  6. What a wonderful trip and so many things to enjoy and look back on.

  7. That is awesome that you went to Stonehenge! Such a cool place. And you poor thing, two times having Covid! I’m so sorry to hear that!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you.

  8. I would so love to visit there.

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