That One True Love

Just after celebrating our own 4th wedding anniversary, here we are attending another joyous celebration of a beautiful union of our friend. Weddings always give me a happy feeling of seeing how couples share their love and vow for a lifetime commitment. I can clearly remember our Priest during our wedding, Father Amores, once said: “When the time comes you both feel you are ready to give up with your marriage, always try to remember this day, your Wedding Day.” ”Reminisce the overwhelming happiness of your love and remember the promise you made today.” He’s right. It was indeed one... Read More

Emily and Roy Nuptials

Until now, I am still feeling overwhelmed with happiness after witnessing the wedding of one my close friends. Emily and Roy decided to legally seal their relationship with marriage yesterday. Who can’t be happy knowing your friends finally found their lifetime partners? Have you tried getting teary and emotional seeing someone getting married. I’ve just had experienced it last night. The event was just too beautiful not to be emotionally carried away with their intense love for each other. I’ve known them since 2011. It was Emily whom I met first for we were both part of the same cluster when... Read More

Reminiscing Our Big Day Preparation Journey

I would consider myself young for marrying at the age of 26 for a career woman like me. My friends were asking me if I was pregnant and speculating if that was the reason why I decided to tie a knot with Mon. Of course not! Mon and I were certain we were both destined to be together and there was no point of delaying the date of being an official Mr. and Mrs. Abilar. When we started planning to get married, we started from scratch. We didn’t have any joint savings bank account nor both of us were born rich. We... Read More

First and Foremost

I am an avid blog reader of different genres of   blog entries. I like reading topics about DIY projects, discussions about marriage and parenting (I am a mother of a cute baby boy), budget travel and latest fashion trends. While reading one of my favorite blog entries, I was so carried over by my emotions while reading the story. Somehow, I felt connected emotionally to the writer. I then realized, why not start my own blog and touch peoples’ lives and share my own thoughts. So this is how it all begun. Let me share my love story as my first entry for my blog.♥ Me and... Read More