Emily and Roy Nuptials

Until now, I am still feeling overwhelmed with happiness after witnessing the wedding of one my close friends. Emily and Roy decided to legally seal their relationship with marriage yesterday. Who can’t be happy knowing your friends finally found their lifetime partners?

Have you tried getting teary and emotional seeing someone getting married. I’ve just had experienced it last night. The event was just too beautiful not to be emotionally carried away with their intense love for each other.

I’ve known them since 2011. It was Emily whom I met first for we were both part of the same cluster when she started working. She was a fresh graduate back then and was very enthusiastic of experiencing being part of the work force.

As workaholic as I am, we both rendered overtime services for the sake of earning an extra income almost every after shift and during our rest days. That was how toxic we were. But, we also knew how to reward ourselves by exploring some beauty treats after pay day. We separated our paths when she decided to resign and opted to practice her nursing profession, her true calling. Time passed, we weren’t able to communicate that much but I am happy and thankful that our friendship remained real.

When she sent me her invites, I felt overjoyed, knowing she and her longtime boyfriend would finally settle down and thankful for still remembering me as part of their guests.

Thank you Giccy (her nickname) and congrats to the both of you.

She’s one stunning bride, isn’t she?


Our circle of friends, Julie wearing the black skirt (she’s our Pre-Nuptial photographer during our wedding) and Jamali oozing with sexiness bridesmaid.


My Two men wearing a blue motif outfit. I wasn’t informed that we were supposed to wear blue during the occasion. Well, white is one of the safest shade that can fit for any type of events, anyway.



The venue was beautifully well decorated and most especially the delicious sumptuous food was so satisfying. 






Thank you Emily and Roy for allowing us to witness your special day. I wish nothing but a happy marriage ahead and a healthy baby. Have a safe delivery. I can’t wait to see your little pickle soon.




  1. Nice to see you guys attending special events. Beautiful wedding

    1. Thank you for dropping by and leaving your comment.

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