That One True Love

Just after celebrating our own 4th wedding anniversary, here we are attending another joyous celebration of a beautiful union of our friend. Weddings always give me a happy feeling of seeing how couples share their love and vow for a lifetime commitment.

I can clearly remember our Priest during our wedding, Father Amores, once said:

“When the time comes you both feel you are ready to give up with your marriage, always try to remember this day, your Wedding Day.” ”Reminisce the overwhelming happiness of your love and remember the promise you made today.”

He’s right. It was indeed one of the happiest day for the both of us to be officially united as lifetime partners. Every time I encounter struggles within our marriage, I simply recall the day when I said Yes to Mon recollecting my intense love for him. It helped me overcome those negative sentiments.

Today, Paul and Hyna allowed us to witness their blissful love. Paul is my husband’s friend. He was the first workmate of Mon when my husband started to relocate here in Cebu. Years passed. Lots of changes happened with each of their career path, however, their friendship remained. Quite amazed with it! Wow!

So how was our own preparation started as part of the Secondary Sponsors (Veil)?

I can’t go there without making myself presentable during the occasion. It’s one way of letting the couple feel our willingness to be part of their special day by cooperating with their dress code request, call time and whatsoever polite plea they may have for their wedding.

Me before the make over. Plain Jane Lol.☺


Thanks to my Angel, Ayanna for helping me out. Tadaa


Mirror shot for my dress.


The ceremony went well. Full of immense emotions on how they both surpassed all the difficulties along the way before finally deciding to tie the knot. It’s not my story to tell about their beautiful love tale. All I can is, “True love really does exist!

“Happy Trio in action.


My thirsty Akyn♥


When his dad says, “POGI POINTS”

Sharing you few photos I got on their reception.

Table assignments



Venue: Casino Espanyol Cebu.








To the newly wed couple:


We wish nothing but happiness through your married life. We pray God may give you both more courage to face life together. God bless your union.♥


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