Our First Snow Experience 2021

While lazily lying in bed with my Mon and Akyn one late afternoon, I saw some white like cotton dropping from the sky in our window. Immediately got up excitedly telling my boys it was snowing. Mon's response was,"Weh, are you sure?". Lol Who would have thought we will experience snow again since the last one it had a snowfall in here was a couple of years ago? Is the lockdown helping to heal our planet allowing to have the weather get back to its natural state? Definitely it has some help I suppose. After seeing these grasses covered with... Read More

Akyn’s 5th Birthday

I thought about writing two different posts regarding our Akyn's birthday and our New Year's Eve but due to time constraints I'm merging them both. Working momma on the move again! I kind of feel groggy still after my extra shift yesterday. Unlike in the Philippines, nurses usually got only one regular employer to work with. However in here you can work as many as you like until your energy says stop! More opportunities for us to enhance our skills at the same time more funds for shopping. (wink) So, going back to our main topic about my Akyn's birthday,... Read More

Gift Giving Ideas

I can now confirm that I am definitely not a winter lover. Used to wish of experiencing snow especially during summer time way back home but now I'm taking it back. I DO NOT  like this kind of extreme coldness. It's stressing me out! Wish I got the same power like Elsa of Arendelle to enjoy winter as she does. If I can only expedite the change of season right now?Not yet fully recovered from my colds and cough for this week though. Thankful still for my rest days allowing me to spend time with my hobby to write on... Read More