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I can now confirm that I am definitely not a winter lover. Used to wish of experiencing snow especially during summer time way back home but now I’m taking it back. I DO NOT  like this kind of extreme coldness. It’s stressing me out! Wish I got the same power like Elsa of Arendelle to enjoy winter as she does. If I can only expedite the change of season right now?Not yet fully recovered from my colds and cough for this week though. Thankful still for my rest days allowing me to spend time with my hobby to write on something for my blog while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate drink. How are you managing the freezing December? Let’s keep ourselves warm with a big hug from each other. LOL

I’m supposed to share about the last part of our London travel yet there is a sudden change of plans. More than excited to do my gift wrapping activity for my first Christmas here. Wohoo Christmas it is. I find it easy to look for gifts here because most stores offers several items already packed ready to get wrapped.

We do have a secret Santa activity in our ward. Yey! It’s one of my favorite thing to do, the giving and receiving of gifts. Who wouldn’t want one? A few maybe but most of us are more than happy to experience it. Exciting, isn’t it? No wish list is required for it which means we need to buy something generally acceptable to everyone’s taste. That’s easier compared to spending lots of your time completing the wish list of someone. The main reason for the gift giving thing is to commemorate the generosity of the three kings to Jesus when they visited Him. So, I don’t understand why we need to be demanding in having a wish list. It’s like forcing someone to give me what I want rather than enjoying the real spirit of this season. Am I right or am I absolutely correct? Choose between my two options.

Here are few gift suggestions for prices Ten pounds and below I’ve bought.

Stainless steel vacuum flask or commonly called thermos and a mug set. Perfect for winter to get a hot drink even when traveling away from home. It looks posh  for a hot drink container for me. I simply love it.


Bluetooth speaker. Let’s get rid with the messy wires and start enjoying the newest offer of technology. No need to plug or unplug it. It’s going to do your request to play the music with one click of your finger on your mobile phone or computer. Amazing coz it’s not a bulky gift to carry.


For ladies I found this one. A set of Prosecco wine with a wine glass, scented candle, bath bomb and two pink lovely roses. It’s a rewarding thing to have a warm bath soak in a bathtub while enjoying some shots of wine after a heavy day in the ward. Another way of soothing our tired muscles.IMG_20191218_202949.jpg

Organizer for your bits and bobs. I can’t stand it seeing my pieces of accessory all mixed up in this one circular dish. Having compartments for my necklace, pair of earrings, etc. makes it easier for me to locate them. It’s a nice gift to your control freak friends like me who wants everything inorder. LOL.


I haven’t entirely completed my Christmas shopping due to my never ending work shifts overtime (by choice and I love it). Hopefully next rest day I should be fine for the gift giving activity. Let’s head to the gym for some sweats on this freezing morning. Arggh!

Merry Christmas in advance. Enjoy shopping.





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