Team Passionate At Cebu Westown Lagoon

We’ve been waiting for the weekends to come because of our planned time off activity or family gathering. It’s been a while since I enjoyed swimming because I got so caught up with my assigned responsibilities. De-stressing for some time-off helps me restore both my physical and psychological state of well being. It’s not a sin to take a break guys. Don’t forget you deserve one as well.<wink>

My handsome buddies in enjoying the sunny weather

Team building as they said enhances the social relationship of the team members as well as the team lead handling them. That’s true! If not because of it, I wouldn’t have known that one of my colleague’s husband is an old friend of Mon. Small world, ey? I’m just so happy to be part of the “TEAM PASSIONATE”.

We call ourselves “TEAM PASSIONATE” because of our dedication to work hard and a few of us are very much eager to render an overtime service at work too. I am an exception when it comes to discussion about overtime lol. That being said, our passion to deliver the best performance paid off when we won half of the roasted pork and a budget for a sumptuous meal enough for our outing.

Money is no longer an issue for the swimming get-away. All we need was to prepare for the entrance fee of Php 300.00 per adult and Php 200.00 for children 4 Ft and above. Our chosen venue was in Cebu Westown Lagoon and you can check their website here.

Few of our photos inside the resort:


For those guests wanting to spend an overnight stay here,yes, they do offer room accommodation.



Slides for the brave-hearted. I didn’t and will never try it. ☺Simply because..uhmm it’s too scary to try for a person who can’t swim.


One of my favorite swimming pools, the kids pool. Yey! I didn’t need to worry of getting drowned here. I can sit here all day.



Free beach chairs to get tanned.


The Jacuzzi Area where we stayed most of the time. It was hot. When you’d first attempt to submerge your feet on it, your body will automatically withdraw from the water because of its temperature. But the more you expose you skin to its relative high temperature, the faster it will adapt to it. As research says, Jacuzzi helps ease a number of both physical and psychological problems.


Their grilling area


They do have a free cottage and a paid cottage. If you want to avail for the free cottage, make sure to be early to reserve one.



Shower rooms and toilets

Team Passionate food from Manila Foodshoppe. Our roasted pork came after our lunch.

My toddler having fun with the water.


Akyn with Tita Rich and Mommy Mich (twinning statement shirt)


Happy Swimming everyone♥




  1. Love seeing the photos… Hope we can also visit there soon.♥

    1. Yes, we had so much fun in there. We can plan for our next get-away if you want.(wink)

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