The Realization

Staying home has never been boring at all to me now that my boys are finally here. There are just so many things to do at home. It’s really up to your creativeness on how you make each moment seem interesting pretty mommas. First thing to finish in my to do list for today is to publish a post for my blog. An overdue post that has not been published for a couple of weeks now. Migrating to a new country also equates to loads of adjustments  and things to accomplish as a new settler. Had to guide my boys in completing their own requirements needed in staying here. Pretty much my plate is quite full but my heart is overwhelming with happiness. Still can’t believe the three of us are together now after a year of being away.

Our original plan was for Akyn to finish his school year in the Philippines. However, when the Visa approval letter came, the flight date was only set up to the 11th of March. It was a blessing in disguise of having our request for later flight to be declined because if it was approved we could have faced some troubles in going out of the country due to some restrictions brought by COVID-19 world concern.

Thank you for this Lord. A dream come true.


When I started to plan in bringing them, I never posted anything in my social media account about my actual plans. Why? Because as they said the more you reveal your future move in public the greater is the chance of having it not realized due to some wicked mouth of wishing bad luck to your heart’s desire. Although, I haven’t found any scientific rationale for that, still I practice it for every big decision I am making. Won’t be losing millions if I do, will I?

How did I start our dream? Every commitment to achieve something starts with a well planned action. It’s not my thing to rush things out just because I badly want it or because everyone is expecting me to do it. I do it in my own pace using my own skills to push thru with it.

My first on the list was to save up. Rendered loads of overtime working almost everyday to get my target budget to spend  for their visa. Others may say I was too abusive with my health but no. My rest days were spent sleeping most of time than going out to gain enough spirit for the next work day. I came here not to always travel and waste my money but to get my family first before enjoying the world. Know your goals, everything will follow after. Rough estimate for the Visa processing and completion of documents including the plane tickets for two dependents is about 5000 GBP plus some additional amount when you’re going home to get them. Close it up to 7000 GBP. Yes, I am proud to say my sweat, sleepless nights, tears made it possible to save up.

September 2019-Next step was to find for an accommodation which is required in Visa processing especially if you have a child. Bills under my name as the sponsor for them is also needed as part of the documents. Last September, I had to moved out from our shared house where I only occupy an en-suite bed not enough for my husband and my son. It was not an easy move. Spent a fortune for some pieces of furniture to make my house feel homey for my boys. I’m thankful that my Landlord had no issues of bringing my family with me here. Another blessing for us.


December 2019– Documents completion happened. We can’t finish them in an instant to be honest. Sent all my paperworks via E-mail to my husband and he printed out all of it using an A4 size paper. If you wanted to know more about each of the documents we submitted, please visit

End of January 2020-Our target date of Visa application submission was this year of February 2020. It was around the end of January when we decided to book for an appointment for my boys’ TB testing in IOM Makati. We can book for an appointment via E-mail. Because we are from Cebu, had to spend again for the plane ticket plus the fee for the exam (600 Php -child and 3600 Php-adult).

February 2020-I only created an account to apply online for the two of them when our documents were ready and their IOM appointment was successful. Better sure than sorry ladies. Their Visa appearance was on the 3rd of February 2020 for a standard request. Approval received on the 13th of February just before Valentines’s Day. What a perfect gift for the month of hearts!

March 2020-Booked their flight with the same return date as mine last 8th of March. No need for me to spend another long drive to fetch them. Wohoo. Budget for my boys for the tickets were almost 900 GBP one way from Cebu to Manchester. Pricey, isn’t it? Never cared anymore with the money as long as I can be with them.

Flew via Emirates again. My first experience with Emirates in coming home was not impressive to be honest. One of my check in bag went missing. Took them a week to send it back to me. Asked if I could be entitled for a compensation to this inconvenience but the lady on the phone said it wasn’t  considered as an INCONVENIENCE because they located my bag after a week. Like seriously? OK Fine.

Still used the same airlines in going home as it was already pre booked before I went on my holidays. To be fair, my flight back to the UK was exactly the opposite of my first experience. They offered freebies to pacify my child’s boredom during our flight. Tantrums was not part of our travel.


Two Freebies from Cebu to Dubai then Dubai to Manchester.

received_505233556841046.jpegWe had our photos taken for free as well. First long flight together as a family. Cheers to more travel.


We were also given the chance to sit together as a family though I didn’t booked an assigned seat prior to boarding. Thank you to those who gave their way for my family.

received_1052171398503262.jpegIt is just the beginning of another journey for us. We are all excited to unfold what our future will be. No matter how difficult it maybe to start, we are determined to face it together with God guiding us through.

Thank you for everyone who prayed for us. Akynfullhouse is beyond grateful to you.




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