Trip to Dumaguete ( The City Tour 1st Half)

We arrived to Dumaguete at around 3 A.M but we left the boat and started looking for an accommodation at half past 5 in the morning. We rested in Gazebo Pension House, took a bath and planned our itinerary for the day before starting our exciting do it your own city tour. With the help of Google map, we were able to locate the tourist spots of the area without any hassle. Thank you to the modern technology of today’s generation which makes travelling easier for everyone.

Our first destination was to visit Saint Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral in Dumaguete. I made it as my first choice so we can start the day by giving thanks to HIM for the safe travel and for the graces He showered unto our family.


A brief history of the church.



What’s inside the church:



My toddler smiled at me after he did the Sign of the Cross. He was like saying “I did the sign of the Cross perfectly Mom”. I took this photo and it’s one of my favorite picture with him smiling for victory while touching the Blessed Virgin Mary.


One of the paintings that caught my attention inside the church, the painting of the old Belfry Tower n Dumaguete.


As early as 9 AM several tourist were already busy taking photos inside the church too, which means you need to be quick in taking photos because others are waiting to take their own shots as well. I took this opportunity to take a happy photo of my family in the vintage door of the Cathedral.

As they said that a family that prays together, stays forever.♥


Next to the Cathedral is just a stone-throw away distance where you can see the historic Belfry Tower also known as the Campanario de Dumaguete (a direct Spanish translation). It’s a head turner architectural design in the city as it serves as one of the remaining structural evidences of the rich culture of Dumaguete.

Photo Credits to Mon:

Fronting to the Belfry Tower is the Quezon Park, just a few steps away. This makes walking around the city effortless to travel as the locations were situated in short distances with each other.

We didn’t mind the scorching heat of the sun. My son enjoyed walking around the park and eagerly explored the area.



My Papa and my Mama gamely posed with me. This is our first time traveling together as a family outside Cebu.


The Rizal baby posing with the statue of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, our Philippines national hero . Rizal day is celebrated every 30th day of December, also the birthday of my only boy. My Pedia Doctor even asked me if I would be naming him Jose when he was born.

Our next stop, the Silliman University, the first American University in the Philippines. I was amazed with how huge the campus was and the very well maintained school buildings.


Walking around the school with my backpack just like a college student waiting for the next class. Haha☺


What a huge  and a beautiful school!






How we spent the first half of the day for our city tour. My next entry will be the second part of strolling around the beautiful Dumaguete.

Have a happy travel.




  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I cannot wait to start traveling abroad…Dumaguete looks so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for visiting. Have a safe travel.

  2. Your photos are amazing, the Cathedral looks magnificent.

  3. Your photos are amazing. The cathedral looks very magnificent.

    1. Thanks for visiting Jenni.

    2. Thanks for dropping by Jenni

  4. The tower is beautiful! Your little guy is so cute, too. I love that he did the sign of the cross and was so proud. Too cute.

    1. Thank you for dropping by Inez.♥♥

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