UK Major Bathroom Renovation

I’m so thrilled to share how my new bathroom looks like after the renovation. I have just finished cleaning the house, yet here I am already sitting trying to put all my words together to come up with a blog post about our newest renovated part of our home. It’s our first time having to go with one big renovation in our UK house. With the fact that we don’t know anyone else in this country as to whom we can trust regarding the changes we wanted to achieve in our home, having it done successfully with my chosen bathroom fitter is one big sucess I would consider.

I found Steve’s Tiling and Bathroom Fitting in Facebook. I’ve been following his page for few months now. He had consistently posted projects completed with high rating reviews from his clients that convinced me to try to ask for a quote for my toilet. I’m so glad I found his page. Steve and Paul’s work are exceptional, working non stop and completed the whole project in 5 days. The output was brilliant as well. My toilet is perfectly done just the way I envisioned it to be.

Sharing their page just in case you got some tiling and bathroom jobs that needs doing. Thank me later pretty Mommas.

Steve sent me the guide on what and where to buy the materials required. We mainly bought online from Victoriaplum, B&Q and Amazon. I had to buy it few weeks in advance as most of the stocks I wanted to get needed weeks for them to be available. Our house was full of all my orders two weeks ago. Quite a mess but I’m too much eager for it to get done.

This was the original toilet we had when we bought the house. I tried to decorate it the way I felt it to fit my liking but then it was really not what I wanted to have in my house. So, we decided to have it changed, finally.

Removing the traces of the old toilet is the messy part of this update project.

It was in day two or day three when we started to see the beauty of my coming new bath. Can’t wait to get it done at this point!

I personally chose everything from the tiles to the floor design, the matching matt black bathroom accessories and the placement as to where each of them needs to be. I am so happy with everything especially my wall tiles. ❤️ My OC picky me paid off with the outcome. 🤟

And here is the finish output. Are you ready to appreciate the workmanship of Steve and Paul? Tadaaaaannn!

I’m starting to decorate today with all my Ikea finds I bought last month ready for my new toilet.

This baby is so much happy with the outcome. He has been checking every day what’s the progress of the renovation everytime he comes home from school.

One project at a time until we can get and personalized our home the way it matches our personalities. To more beautiful projects to come.

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