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“Take a deep breath, hold it for two to three seconds then exhale.” It’s how I relax my tense self in facing pressures. Well, most of the time it works for me. Thanks Lord! I’m not sure what shall I do if that only technique I have would fail. Lol.

Today is a weekend.( Happy dance) It means a free day for me, rest day, a RELAX time, whatever you call it. It’s my favorite day. No work to think about. No English speaking day except for writing this post in English. My mouth is only dedicated to speak my own language. Hooray! Seriously, I miss Philippines, my homeland!

What should be the meat for today’s post then? Not sure.(shrugged shoulders) Because I’m at home all day and I’m bored but thankful, I’ll let you raid in to my toilet. I just wanted you too see the interior design on how their toilet looked like here.

Having my own toilet is one of my major concerns before I moved to the UK. I don’t know why but I guess I’m just so concerned with whom I share my bathroom with. I said to myself, “If I can’t own my personal loo, I hope I can find someone who is also particular in making the toilet tidy.” Gladly on my first week of stay, Bea, my co-nurse and I found an ensuite bathroom and bedroom for me. It’s a bit pricey compared to renting a room alone for a difference of about ten pounds per week higher. I took the offer without hesitation. Comfort is really costly. However, if that what makes your life more comfortable with less stress then go for it. It’s not like spending a dime for useless vices right? I better say it as a way to treat my workaholic body. (wink)

Enough with me rationalizing my decision for a pricey room. Come see the photo of my toilet. I have my bathroom mirror saving me from buying another one for my room.


Here’s my shower. You can adjust the temperature between cold and hot. You don’t like to take a bath everyday and feels like an ice bucket challenge every time.


I can stay here for hours.


I don’t have any wall mounted bathroom toiletries holder where I can place these essentials of mine. So, I used the toilet flush cover instead. Resourceful at its finest.


My bathroom rug.


My zebra designed soap holder. I bought it because it complement the color motif of the toilet and the design itself is quite unique too. You can see there a washing bar soap from home. Sometimes, when I’m to lazy to go downstairs to do my laundry, I do hand wash instead those clothes of mine with delicate fabric.


A Filipino bathroom can’t be completed without a dipper. Yes, I included this on my list before traveling here.


What can you say about it? It’s not that big but it’s more than enough for me to enjoy my privacy. Home isn’t that far with all the brands for my toiletries I’m using. Most of them are Philippines’ known brands. Also with our meals, Bea and I would still prefer what our taste buds would love to eat. Although, in our first few days when we were still trying to get to know stores where we can get Asian food, we used to eat those ready to eat Western food like these pizza and coleslaw.


Burger and four pieces chicken. Their burger is too huge for me. I can’t finish one order so I had to divide these both for my lunch and dinner.


Look at how we prepare our meals now. Mouth watering, isn’t it?

Rice and Balbacua
Sotanghon, Fried fish (Galunggong) Rice and Soy sauce with tomatoes.
Nilagang Pork
For our nilagang pork

The three boys in our batch generously prepared this lunch two Sundays ago. It’s a blessing if you have friends who cooks well.


Happy weekends everyone. I hope you enjoyed my topic out of my happy boredom for today.




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