Wright Park & The Mansion, Baguio City

After enjoying the beauty of the Botanical Garden of Baguio, we visited the nearest tourist destination in the area, the Wright Park. We decided to walk in going to the place to better explore the city and because of that we almost lost our way.

Mon: This is the Wright Park.
Me: Are you sure? Why are there no tourist around?
Mon: I think were lost.=(

We really thought that this was Wright Park lolz.☺


Wright Park is located just a few steps after this place. I got so excited upon seeing horses around with their enthusiastic human riders. Look at how fashionable this horse with pink hair. It was my first time riding one and I got so scared during my first ride. I was holding tight to anything that I could hold on to. One of the guides for horse riding would accompany their customers for safety purposes. Thirty minute ride was worth Php 200.00 and for an hour ride would be Php 400.00.


One of the most friendly dog breed is available in Wright Park. You can take a photo with this huggable Saint Bernard Dog for only Php 20.00 and if you wish to have the copies printed it would cost Php 120.00 for one hard copy photo.


Switching places once in a blue moon was fun. He became the sexy native lady and I am the hunky handsome man.


We’ve been looking for the Mansion House in Baguio and good thing that we didn’t need to experience of getting lost again, for Wright park is located right across the Mansion (the official summer palace of the President of the Philippines). On your way up, you’ll find a small booth that would allow you to borrow costumes of Igorot Natives and take a photo of it for Php 10.00 per head.

A few spots that you could see before reaching the Mansion House.



The scenery is so beautiful with much photographed pool of the Pine trees all over  the place.


The Mansion is already visible at the back of us. This long reflecting pool lined with pine trees leads to the Mansion House. Finally, we can witness how the President’s Summer House would look like.


Welcome to The Mansion House.


Tourist were not allowed to go nearer except up to this point. Militaries were guarding the place when we visited.



The elaborate main gate, made of ornate ironwork. Many tourists would photographed this part here including us.


Happy travel everyone.☺



  1. Oh my, that looks like so much fun. The pink pony is to die for!

    1. Thanks Jane. ?

  2. Wow, there’s so much to do in one space there! Looks like you had a great day!

    1. Thank you. ???

  3. I love all the pictures! Looks like such a fun place to visit. The Mansion house looked super interesting.

    1. Thank you Sophie. ?

  4. I’m not too sure about the pink pony – but botanical gardens are always such a pleasure, and the ‘bodies’ you got your photos with are really fun!

    1. They dyed the hair of the pink pony lol. Funny adventure indeed. Thanks Claire for visiting. ?

  5. Such a fun place!

    1. Thank you

  6. looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    1. Thank you Jasmine.

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