Akynfullhouse 1st Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, the 7th of February of 2017 when I started hitting the button to publish a post without having any idea on what I was doing. All I was thinking was to start writing a part of my life and share it to my blog readers. Finally, today marked the 1st year anniversary of Akynfullhouse.

For those wondering where our blog name came from, I named it after my son, Akyn (the picture featured on this blog post) and full house simply means this blog contains most of our family life events. Nothing much to explain about our blog name.☺

It’s not easy to maintain a blog if your heart is really not into it. Aside from the technical stuff which I am still learning, creating an updated post is not a piece of cake task to accomplish. You can’t just post anything without considering its impact to your blog and to your blog readers. But I managed to survive for one whole year of writing with a total of almost 120 articles posted. Yey! Congrats to me and to my partner in managing our website together.

Thank you for all the wonderful people who supported me in making my passion come into reality.

For every precious time you spent visiting my page and with those well thought comments left. Those are much appreciated.

I am so happy being part of this exciting blogging world opening doors for more productive experiences I’ve never imagined to come across in my life.

Greetings from WordPress ♥

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!

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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

For a sweet one year celebration, I can’t let this month pass without having something special prepared before it ends. I ordered a mouthwatering chocolate overloaded cake and a dozen of cupcakes from Irish. You can check more of her creations here.


A dozen of sweetness

Happy blogging♥



  1. Happy Anniversary Akyn Full House. I am always looking forward of seeing your site grow. I love reading your blog posts. Continue to inspire people through your writing skills and never stop believing in your capabilities that you can indeed create a difference by blogging.

    1. Thanks for the all the support. God Bless you♥

  2. Happy Anniversary Cutie Akyn. We love you So much

    1. Thank you. Lots of Love♥

  3. Happy Anniversary Akyn Full House. One of my favorite blogs. More power to your site and blessings to your beautiful family

    1. Thank you for the greetings. Will do our best to make this site grow. Thank you for supporting us.♥

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