Cozy Mood

I am listening to the sounds of a smooth instrumental Jazz in Youtube with fireplace effects whilst creating this blog. It adds to the cozy vibe of the nippy weather today. It’s spring but still feels like the end bit of winter here in the northern part of England. We started to get more sunny weather a month ago that gave me an opportunity to paint our garden fence but now it is becoming cold again. I can’t wait for summer. It’s when everyone will complain about how warm it is.I love the warmer season🤣It’s hard to please the humans of the earth,let’s face it.🤣

Even if it was cold last weekend, we dropped by the nearest Home Bargains store to get some groceries and to start buying plants for our garden. The solar flame string was such a perfect aesthetic to add to your fence decor at a very affordable price. It absolutely looked so pretty especially during the night. I need to buy another set for the other side of the fence. My plants last year managed to survived up until now. So these new babies will be an addition to the group.

Mon hates it when I keep on buying plants because when I am on shift, he will be tasked to water them all everyday.(LOL) He got to let my plants drink whilst their Momma is away. 🤣

It’s a perfect season to cook hot vegetable soup.We call this dish back home as UTAN BISAYA.It’s my fave food when it’s cold and this is very nutritious,too. I paired it with a fried marinated fish for our evening meal and a dried fish . When we went home from Cebu last year, Mama bought me loads of dried fish to bring back here. Thank you Mama for it felt like we were in Cebu eating our local dish as a family.

I am quite proud of myself for learning how to cook a decent meal for us especially those dishes we love back home.❤️I used to not know anything even cooking rice when Mon and I got married. With the help of Youtube, little by little I’ve learned to recreate meals we craved for.😍As they say, learning is a continuous process.We can do it pretty Mommas.❤️

Had a glass of wine during our Netflix time. It’s the best feeling when you are at home snuggling under your fleece blanket and just chilling for the entire evening. No work stress to think about, no annoying human race to deal with.It’s just you and your family. How cool is that?❤️

Got this additional collapsable organizer to store my bedsheets, duvet covers and pillow cases. I should stop buying loads of bed covers because I am running out of storage. (LOL)

I think that’s the latest update for my cozy day off. I felt so energized to start another work week after I managed to relax a bit. I consider my rest shifts as a sacred day for my mental health. Although, sometimes I had to spend it away from home for few hours to attend to some social gatherings that I really need to go but apart from that I will always choose to stay home to clean, organize or simply chill inside the comfort of my beautiful little space.

Have a lovely week pretty Mommas.❤️

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