Bath Part Three

Another me time Monday giving me my free moment to update my akynfullhouse. It feels like something is incomplete with my week if I can’t write a post. I guess that is because blogging has become part of my system to do during my rest days. Have you also built a routine hobby pretty Mommas that you can’t live without it? You are free to comment below to share yours, too?😍

I’ve promised to post the rest of the travel details for our Bath trip and this is the third part. Is there a fourth remaining version? Well see how long this post will take us, shall we?

This is me again starting my day with an OOTD selfie. OOTD’s doesn’t need to be expensive for me. As long as you can carry your clothes well then that should complete the glamorous version of you.

  1. Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House & Museum– I am so glad to finally had the chance to visit Bath’s well known eating house. We’ve planned it in our itirenary that we will be having our lunch in here to get to taste their famous Sally Lunn’s Bun. It’s really a must to go place pretty Mommas!

There was a queue when we came. It was like their tables are never empty, one customer after another. That’s how famous this place is.

Mon had his all vegetable bun.

While mine shared with Akyn is a chicken bacon bun. I’m obsessed with it’s buttery flavor. It’s neither too sweet nor too bland. Just the right taste to satisfy our food cravings.

Mon had to refuel himself with their cappuccino.

2. Papawcha Bubble Tea– Whilst walking around the lovely city, we found this Asian Bubble tea store. I’m an addict when it comes to bubble teas. Another plus for this Tea store is the lovely staff with their superb customer service.

I ordered the classic bubble tea on the first day then tried their famous Papaw bubble tea when we came back the next day. Highly recommended pretty Mommas.

3. Bath Guildhall Market-If you are on a hunt for souvenirs especially fridge magnets, this is the place to look for them. I bought like three magnets for five or six pounds. They also got loads of travel post cards and sweets if you are into them.

I can’t go home without taking my additional collection for a magnet. The vintage magnets at the bottom was on sale for .99 pence. How cool is that?

4. Primark Bath– Primark is everywhere in the UK which makes it perfect for travelers who forgot to bring their comfy clothes with them. I forgot to pack my Akyn’s pair of shorts when we were staying in the hotel. I only brought his pj’s and because the room heater was on full blast, he felt so warm wearing his fleece overall sleeping attire. I got to buy him shorts the next day.

5. Mountain Warehouse– found this store having it’s 70% off sale. It’s our first time trying out with this brand. Hoping the quality of this bubble jacket is good enough to last. Have you tried this brand? Please let me know in the comment section if you had.

I’m so happy with the tin like blue mug for our morning coffee session with Mon. The thermal top is for Mon perfect to use when his going to work early morning.

6. Fat Face– This brand was one of Mon’s client in their programming projects. Went inside to check their items and so amazed with the staff offering my son coloring items to keep him preoccupied whilst this Momma is having a look around. How thoughtful! I got this lovely floral sling bag, a treat from Mon. Thank you!

7. Accesorize– When I tried this bucket hat, Mon teased me that I looked like a soldier going on a shift. Like seriously? But I like it though. I might be able to style this during the warmer season.

These are all my Akyn’s toys from every toy shop available around the city. Mommie I want this and this and this. None stop request from our little traveler.

8. TK Maxx Bath-Their TK maxx is as big as in Hull I think. I got too excited seeing this super cute and comfy pair of trainers. I like it because it’s slip on making it easy to wear without the need to tie shoes laces.

and of course, my Akyn won’t leave the shop without getting anything for him, too.

The entire DIY trip was so amazing. All of us are still in awe with all the beautiful spots we’ve been to. Looking forward for more travel ecapades to do as a family. As they say that “traveling isn’t to escape life but for life not to escape us.”


  1. Such an awesome tour you have here, the places you visited look incredibly beautiful. The food you’ve featured looks so delicious and yummy.

    1. Thank you.😍

  2. Love seeing all the spots you visited in Bath. It looks like you had a good mix of places and I liked seeing the magnets you chose – particularly the vintage ones!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Your Bath trip looks so amazing. I really appreciate all of the details and photos you share from your trip!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I try to publish one post per week to keep my blog running. Nothing more than that for now. Well, I am glad you get to enjoy around Bath. And of course what is touring without shopping for some favorite items?

  5. That food looks so good! I’d love to visit Bath someday!

  6. I envy you so much right now! I literally can’t wait to travel again! Looks like you all had an amazing time.

  7. Your Bath trip posts are so very tempting me to start planning my own trip.. and that cappucino looks yum as does the boba

  8. Looks like such a lovely, family trip!

  9. Bath looks like a fun place. Giving me the olden days’ vibes though. Perfect for a short family trip.

  10. The eating house and the bubble tea both sound so good! Sounds like a fun visit and lots of great shopping opportunities too!

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