Random training are conducted at work to test and develop employees’ skills both in writing and speaking. The training usually last for a week or two. What I love about being part of any training in the office is not just because I would like to learn something, but it will also help me rest my vocal chords in talking for an x number of hours.

I was chosen to be part of one of the business refreshers and was giddy with delight about the news. On the first day of training, we were asked to tell something about ourselves. Phew! The task was pretty easy. I was then relaxed and expecting that the whole training would just be about the trainer explaining her topics. I was thinking of a classroom set up where students listen while their teacher talks, but yikes it wasn’t what I was expecting! Almost everyday, we were ask to formulate a random questions. The questions were placed inside a box. Each of us would pick one question inside the box once our names were called in front. We were given 3 minutes to organize our ideas in front of the audience, then another 5 minutes for the formal speech.

I HATE impromptu speech. Every time my name was called and I had to stand in front of the crowd, I could feel my knees were trembling. My heart rate was beating faster than normal. My sweat dripping from my back. It felt like I wanted to faint and disappear like a bubble right there in an instant. We’ve been doing it for 2 weeks. What a nerve-wracking exercise but I started enjoying the excitement of the activity as I get used to it.

Before the training ended, this was my last question, “What is your favorite time of the day?” Bedtime was the first answer that popped into my head. I answered the question on what was my favorite time of the day as my first line for my speech. I started my introduction with a question so I could build connection with my very engaging audience (my comic teammates). “What do you think is the reason behind why I love BEDTIME for a married woman like me?” Most of them were grinning as their response smiling broadly with bubbles on their head. I paused for a moment and I saw the enthusiasm in their eyes waiting for my answer. I broke their eagerness and said, “I love bedtime because I can finally rest, but I do love the answers you have formulated for my question,” then the room was filled with laughter.

I learned something from the training and at the same time I was enjoying every bit of the thrill it gave me everyday.

Sometimes, things won’t happen the way we expected it, which makes life exciting. The outcome of the situation where you are currently at depends on how you deal with it.



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