Brastuga Brazilian & Portuguese Cuisine

I’m done writing my daily journal for today and now I’m hitting my Akynfullhouse blog update. Is that how much I’m into writing? No wonder my eyes are always attracted to writing pads and all sorts of stationery.

So what’s the meat for today’s post?

Will have another restaurant review. Yumyum!  Apart from going to shops, our second favourite thing to do is to try out different eating places nearby. Because our house location is favourably situated near to most stores and restaurants, we have the luxury then of dropping by anytime we like. Isn’t that amazing? Oh, yeah defintely!

Decided on the last minute to try out Brastuga Brazilian & Portuguese Cuisine located in 13-15 Princes Avenue, Kingston-upon-Hull HU5 3RX England. We were too lazy to do cooked meals this time and we’re all looking forward to get some fresh air during the evening. On a cold autumn night the three piglets were excitedly walking along the path of Spring Bank trying to locate the place with the aide of Google map. You know that feeling of hearing your grumbling tummy plus the shivering muscles, however, we can’t even afford to moan about it because we were too elated to be with each other’s company for the moment. I so love these times of family bonding. I think everyone wants to experience it often, too.

After few minutes of strolling around we’ve finally found it.

There was only one table occupied when we came and three including us when we left. Not much customers really although the food was great. I feel sorry for all the businesses during this crisis. (sigh) 😢

Interior of the restaurant

As a practice we needed to scan the NHS track and trace system prior to getting a table. Part of the new normal now. Showing the photo of their unlimited meat of different kinds of steak for one adult which was £14.90. Children below five years old was free of charge. Yay, Akyn can eat anything for FREE. Hows that? 😊

Photoshoot before digging in to the eating battle. Lol.

The waiter will serve the steak one at time for every table hot from the grilling rod. Will show you the photos of the overloaded joy meat feast. Wohoo.

The starters eaten by Akyn. He loved it.

Side dishes and Mon’s salad.

Because Mon can’t eat meat, he ordered a creamy cod fish pie shared with a mixed salad.

For me, I got all the meat I wanted to taste for this evening.

I can’t remember all the names of these dishes because I was on a cloud nine savoring each serving. Heaven!

Busy having their own meeting again discussing about their Roblox game.

Customer service wise, they’re great deserving a commendation asking us every now and then if everything is ok. For the food, should I say more with our photo smiling from ear to ear? I super love the unli steaks. Looking forward for another dine out trip there with my lovelies.



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