In Everything We Appreciate

After saying the grace before meals this breakfast we've brought the topic in our dining table about appreciating more what we have just like the sumptuous meal in front of us. Some may have skipped their meals because they have nothing. Others maybe suffering from cold and darkness whilst us warmly sitting in our comfy couch. You know simple things like that are often overlooked. I would admit that sometimes I forget to recognize the full worth of something not until the moment it's gone. We used to do everyday online call with my family back home but because of... Read More

Visa Approved

Finally my most dreaded day of having my tooth extraction was done yesterday although I'm still feeling sore with my gums and my soft diet regime continues for the next two days.😩 It's always a long wait here to get a slot to see the dentist due to the pandemic. Covid 19 had tremendously affected almost everything in our lives normality. We should be thankful we are still here amidst the cruelty of the virus. 🙏 As with my previous post, I did mention about an important appointment we had to attend when we went to Leeds. I tried to... Read More

My Day Be Like

It took me a while to write another blog for my Akynfullhouse because we've been doing loads of changes recently with our website. So much trial and error that needs doing before our site can go live again. Still thankful I got my personal web developer, my husband, who can customise my blog based on my own liking. It is so expensive to get someone to build a website nowadays, isn't it? Anyway, my post for today is to share my gratefulness for the blessings I got for my birthday. Yay🙏I'm a year older again and wiser I supposed. This... Read More

Hull Fair

Akyn went to school using his bike instead of his scooter as suggested by me thinking he hasn't used his little bike for quite sometime now. I haven't realized though that I will be going home carrying the heavy metal bike alone after sending him to school. Tried to push it using my hands but because it is so small it hurts my back when I am leaning down. I did rather carry it back home and promised not to offer it again in going to school. We'll stick in using his scooter from now on. Duh! A little sleepy... Read More

Mon’s First UK Employer

I'm writing this post while feeling so overjoyed with our very first blessing for this year. What a nice start, isn't it? Before I'll share more about it, let me show you our first attempt of making sushi at home. Mon and I are both a great fan of Asian cuisine. Mon had his wedding proposal last 2014 in our favorite Korean restaurant. You can really tell from that special event how much we crave for Korean dishes. So, for tonight we decided to make our own version of Sushi. Bought my ingredients from an Asian store in Hull, Chong... Read More

Akyn’s 5th Birthday

I thought about writing two different posts regarding our Akyn's birthday and our New Year's Eve but due to time constraints I'm merging them both. Working momma on the move again! I kind of feel groggy still after my extra shift yesterday. Unlike in the Philippines, nurses usually got only one regular employer to work with. However in here you can work as many as you like until your energy says stop! More opportunities for us to enhance our skills at the same time more funds for shopping. (wink) So, going back to our main topic about my Akyn's birthday,... Read More

Christmas Eve 2020

When someone asks," How's your Christmas?" I've heard some responses saying, "Nothing special really. It just passed." Others would say, "It's quite lonely with no parties allowed!" Well, for us it's entirely a different version we chose to be thankful for. It's one of the best Christmas ever with my family celebrating with me in the UK. The way you view things will definitely change everything. Instead of us grumbling of the current situation, why can't we count the enormous blessings we've got. Can we be thankful for being healthy and that's the most important thing amidst the pandemic, isn't... Read More

Minerva Restaurant

My post are mostly throwback events that happened just before our national lockdown here. What can we expect to do during this time anyway apart from our routine task at home pretty Mommas? I'm not bored nor complaining at all with our situation now. I would say worried for the safety of everyone especially my family, at the same time hopeful for a solution to combat the beastly pandemic. (sigh!) Anyway for today, let's make our palate both crave for food instead of dwelling into the sour reality. Two weeks ago we went to one of the pubs, the Minerva... Read More

Brastuga Brazilian & Portuguese Cuisine

I'm done writing my daily journal for today and now I'm hitting my Akynfullhouse blog update. Is that how much I'm into writing? No wonder my eyes are always attracted to writing pads and all sorts of stationery. So what's the meat for today's post? Will have another restaurant review. Yumyum!  Apart from going to shops, our second favourite thing to do is to try out different eating places nearby. Because our house location is favourably situated near to most stores and restaurants, we have the luxury then of dropping by anytime we like. Isn't that amazing? Oh, yeah defintely! Decided... Read More


A dream come true of traveling together finally happened last Sunday when we went to Leeds for the first time. Yay! Thank you Lord. That was our first destination here in England out from Hull where we are based. Super enjoyed the one day escape from our typical day. How much more when we will have few days travel itinerary in the future? That would definitely be a blast I supposed! After rendering a night shift from my second job, went straight to have a quick shower then breakfast and slept for an hour to recharge myself. It's like a... Read More

Home Safe Haven

It's my rest day finally after four straight nights. Wohoo I survived! Thank you Lord. What's the plan for today? Just get some groceries with either me or Mon going because of the imposed lockdown policy then going back home spending time with my family. That's it really for now, no shopping, no fun travel, nothing. It's like we are back to the life in the past wherein home is the perfect place to hang out. Something positive from the dilemma we are all facing. "But when will this pandemic crisis come to an end?" This is everybody's question about... Read More

Brand New Calendar Flip

I've just had at least four hours of sleep after my two straight night shifts. I survived! Tomorrow I will be back to being a normal human being again reporting to work on a day schedule. Honestly, I would prefer to be on a graveyard shift when on duty because I could organize my task more with lesser interruptions, no doctor's order not unless in emergency cases, less people who'll keep on misplacing all your patients'documents. It's one of my pet peeves when someone uses my stuff and wouldn't return it as how it was  before borrowing it. I don't... Read More

Treat To Myself

Few hours left before Christmas, it is. Many are in a rush doing holiday shopping. Kitchens are all smelling with delightful food prepared for the family gathering tonight. Everyone seems busy while here I am all tucked in my bed completing this post before I'll head to work tonight. Chill mode activated! I'm done wrapping with all my presents last night, anyway. So I really got nothing to get myself busy with. As they said Christmas is about sharing with what you have, a time when generosity overflows. I just love it. Nothing beats with my favorite time of the... Read More

London Day 2

It took me ages to publish the second half of our trip because the workaholic me is back to my original work mode addict. Is there any tablet to cure this addiction to working, do you know? I honestly don't either. This love for work will then continue until further notice. After having a well rested night from our first London exploration madness we were both all set to start another exciting non stop walk with alternating photo-shoot taking. What's the top on the list to accomplish? Sherlock Holmes. Say what? You've read it right. Sherlock Holmes' place in London.... Read More

Car booth

If we have what we call as Divisoria in Manila or Carbon in Cebu, we also got what we call as Carbooth in Hull. I'm so happy when I knew about it pretty mommas who also love shopping. Yey! Carbooth is just a parking space where people selling different kinds of merchandise would meet during Wednesdays and Sundays to display their items. Some of the products were brand new and others were used items. It's like they are doing a garage sale to clear up their houses with unused things. Decluttering project would best describe it. I'll let you see... Read More

Dessert Buffet and Party Clown

A birthday party can never be complete without a cake. Of course, it’s the highlight of the event that everybody is waiting for the blowing of candles. Have you observed it when someone sees you buying a cake, the first question will usually be, “Who is celebrating his birthday?” Nobody will ask you if you are celebrating a town fiesta with a cake. Try asking it and let’s see how they would react if you'll ask, ”Where’s the town fiesta for this cake order?” Sounded so awkward! Lol☺ For Akyn’s birthday, I had two suppliers for my dessert. My Toy... Read More